1. Södermalm Masters (by Joel Burnell)

    By Lars

    Friday the 12th June was to provide the Södermalm AFC faithful with an extraordinarily sunny and warm evening (considering it was only a week out from Midsummers eve) at the prestigious Augusta National golf course of Sweden, aka Ågesta 9 hål pay n play.

    The next event on the social ’distancing’ calendar in the wake of no football due to the Covid-19 pandemic was the Södermalm Blue Jacket masters.

    12 sharp Shooter McGoverns, 1 late comer and a Happy Gilmour wannabe (more on that later) were to make up the leaderboard in a best ball pairs competition drawn by ‘random allocation’. 

    Before a ball was to be bashed from the first tee a meet n greet was conducted in the car park with beers and hotdogs thanks to the board for providing such a fitting late luncheon for this prestigious occasion.

    Before play got underway the rules were explained and the contestants eyed up each other’s gear and discussed tactics with their playing partners. All except Condo, Jordansson and Law. The pairing of jordansson and law were all smiles at the good fortune of being the only double seeded pairing and Condo was just concerned of where he would be able to wash his balls…..

    As this reporter was part of the final grouping to tee off most things written from here on in are reported based off word of mouth and the audible shouts of joy or despair that could be heard during the intense competition.

    From the first tee, Law, Condo and Ferguson threw down the gauntlet by producing very fine shots on the green for the rest of us to drool over. This form was to prove misleading however for 2 of those players and their pairing were reeled back into the field by the end of the round.

    Highlights of the round included:

    Andrew ‘Happy’ Smith landing past the green at the 245m par 4 7th hole from the tee box.

    Ironguts Burnell’s berating of playing partner lethal hagberg for missing a 1m bogey put, only to then poke the returning put into the flagstick and have the ball dance around the cup before resting softly only the thickness of a bootlace from he edge of the hole to finish with a disappointing triple bogey and the par 3 5th hole.

    The constant battle between golfer and mosquito. A battle which no contestant really ever became the victor.

    Rappoccio’s Gardening, and gamesmanship on the 9th hole which caused Condo the cover drive a ball back towards the teebox.

    In the end the bookies favourites of Jordansson and Law kept their nerve and fired themselves to an even par 30 over the 9 holes and deservedly claimed the blue Jackets, which is was just as well as bridesmaids Smith and Murphy hadn’t sent their measurements into the tailors to have the jackets adjusted to they varying arm lengths.

    Another enjoyable social event, and who knows, soon enough just after the summer the might even be some footy on the cards (in sweden that is!).

    Glad midsommar, and stay safe, wherever you are!

    Södermalm AFC Championship leaderboard:

    Jordansson/Law – 30 (par)
    Smith/Murphy – 33 (+3)
    Briscoe/Nellbrink – 37 (+7)
    Macca/Ferguson – 38 (+8)
    Condo/Charlie – 39 (+9)
    Burnell/Hagberg – 39 (+9)
    Rappa/THE Johan – 44 (+14)

  2. Chess, mates!

    By Blue Baller

    BY TANKA -Brissles makes it 5 in a row!!! It was a cold Winters night in Stockholm, typical for this time of the year, the snow was falling and there was definitely a buzz in the air. Anticipation was high as 10 of Söders finest jumped off the tunnelbana and headed towards Brissles lokal in the heart of Liljeholmen. The only thing missing was Murph’s championship chess board. Rumour has it that it is currently somewhere in NSW’s Blue Mountains.

    Brissles was the short priced favourite to take out his 5th chess tournament and do a hat trick on the Söder social calendar. He already had the footy tipping and pool comp under his belt and was licking his lips at the scene.

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  3. Jerseys for sale!

    By Petter Eek

    Have you too always wanted to have your very own Södermalm jersey? Well, here’s your chance!

    Blue-blue Södermalm jersey, 2011 game edition.


    We are selling off last years game jerseys and a limited edition supporter variant.

    2011 game jerseys: 150 SEK
    Lt. Ed. Supporter jerseys: 200 SEK

    Send us an email and make your reservation.

    Notes: Stock is limited, and first come first served. We’ll do our best to get you a size that fits but there are no size guarantees.

  4. Ski trip, last call

    By Petter Eek

    Söder and friends,

    Söder social events are in the air, so pencil this one into your calendar! This Wednesday 25th is the last day to confirm.

    Today’s report

    Snow depth 95cm
    Lifts 10/12
    Open slopes 20/23

    Great news! For those who are keen for a Ski or Snowboard at Romme Alpin Saturday February 4th.

    The weather is getting colder and more snow is on its way!
    The club has decided to cover some of the paid members cost. Members – 400SEK, Non-members – 460SEK

    Ski Bus – Stockholm (includes Ski pass and return bus trip)

    If you haven’t got your own skies or snowboard borrow from a friend or you can rent upon arrival. http://www.rommealpin.se/index.asp/lang/1033

    1. To confirm your spot/s make your payment and write your name.  Pay 400SEK or 460SEK into Södermalm AFC account, bank giro 261-7017 by January 25th.
    2. Send a confirmation email to marcusrapp@hotmail.com and write payment for Ski trip done, and your name.

    For those who would like to, there is always the option to slip into the pub for a meal and beer upon return to Stockholm.

  5. A Christmas carol from the pool side

    By Blue Baller

    Ho Ho Ho and Get right in there!!

    pool champ

    Well that is what they are all saying downtown in Stockholm inner southern Suburb of Lilljeholmen these days, As lokal resident, Joel “call me what you want” iron guts burnell Takes out the Södermalm AFC Biljard Championship! last friday! In usual Fashion the club had no less than 17 participants turn out to challenge for the Biljard title! and marking the clubs last social event for Season 2012.

    and how about the biljard…..Firstly we can say, The hard done award to Chris ‘choker’ Tancredi who choked on the Black against Joelly Burnell to give him the in the group stage and a spot in the semi finals and then there was no looking back from there! Joel Had a lucky Night playing Maxwell. T. Larsson in the 2011 Final. Organiser Larry Hagberg decided to make it a best of 3 final for the first time in the clubs history. Max Won the first game easily, which would have given him the rights to the annual “Ivan Rexed Memorial biljard Sheild” but alas that was not the case. Iron guts burnell Came from behind to seal the deal 2-1 in what some were labelling as a bench mark Final.

    joel walks away with the covenant Shield and his place on the clubs Roll Of honour, and Max, well he has to be content with receiving a boars head on a Shield at the local pub afterwards for second place.

    In the Semi Finals it was very Straight forward, Joel dominating Ivan ” Tarzan” Rexed in what could only be described as a Massive Mind blowing defeat to The Club Leader. This devastating loss has left the Clubs fearless leader, pondering his Roll as Club President. “ I had it all planned out tonight, and to be beaten by iron guts is totally unacceptable. I guess i will be hearing about this All weekend on the Ice fishing Trip in Feb“.

    Many Avid on lookers Slowly broke to Ivan, that his game was just not good enough, and that he must go away in the off season and find a Pub sponsor who has a pool table so We can all get some practice in. In the other Semi, could only be descibed as the clash of the Age! Young v’s Old, youth V’s Experience, Club Captian V’s Club Grandfather. Maxwell T larsson up against Marcus “Rappa” Rappoccio. As they say in Biljard, too old too slow??  and Max waltzed into the final.

    Well done to Joel and All finalist on the Night.

    It was also great to see some new faces, Dave “Westy” West and “Big Dave” Farrow getting along to meet all the guys. We look forward to seeing you at our bowling championships in January!

    Game of the night! Was between The Stephens boys! recently arriving back in town, Their game, packed with intensity and witt, was a real battle of attrition, lasting 90 minutes and eventually ending the first ever Stalemate in the history of pool, what a result! all on lookers and players went away happy with this result. In Addition, there was Plenty of talk about Social events for 2012, Staring with the 2012 footytrip. Duel Downlow medalist, Micke ” half glass” Perez has offically been sworn in to be Grand poo-bah for the Trip, starting in a club record 6th straight tour of duty! like other years the pool championship marks the awarding of the following year footy trip destination. The 2012 Club footy trip has been awarded to the city of Krakow, Poland, and now we just confirming the date with the city planners for our arrival.

    Plenty of talk about the Annual Ice Fishing trip in Feb. lock it into your calenders and keep an eye out for the invite it could be limited to 10 places only, however we will see what the responses will bring.

    Well done to Jordo, who takes out the Club Fisherman of the year, with his 52 cm Gös, caught in July at the nissan river in småland. Also lock in the clubs AGM and bowling tournament, follow by a day at the Slopes with Rappa! check club websites for dates. Until then, we wish you all a Merry Christmas and a happy new year where ever you are around the world!


  6. Södermalm AFC Annual Ice fishing trip 2011

    By Blue Baller

    With plenty of beer and food packed! 7 brave men travelled north to the sleepy town of Smedjebacken, in the Dalarnas, to break the ice in the Clubs annual Ice fishing tournament.

    The Magnificent Seven

    The first day of Fishing was set for perfect conditions. Sunny skies, and 2 degrees warm, all was needed was some fish! We all headed down to the lake to begin our mighty adventure. There was about 20 cm of Snow on the lake and the ice measured 70 cm thick!!

    Everyone was excited to use the new Ice bore for the first time after last year’s failure. So within the first 10 minutes 7 holes had been drilled and Lines were in and beers were cracked! Excitement was in the Air!

    After 2 hours and no Bites everyone was thinking about going home, but no one was brave enough to say it though. Then, WHACK! Lars has got a monster on his 60cm Rod!! The excitement  echoed down the lake and all were at attention waiting for him to land this huge Beast! What could it be? Gädda, Öring, even a rare Dalarna fresh water Shark? Kungen was more concerned about the size of the hole! “ I hope the 15cm Diameter is big enough jordo, so Lars can land the Monster!”  No sooner had be said this and the monster Was off! Shock and disbelief was among all of us with as the silence swept down the valley.

    By the Time we had all raced over to Lars the fish was gone, as too was all hope for Lars to loose the Label “Fisk Fitta” he knew it was going to be the only chance he had!

    This excitement drew Kingsley and max nearer to where Lars was fishing. And kungen, Pewn and jordo junior had other ideas. They formed a break away! they packed up took the ice bore, beer and fishing gear and headed to the other side of the lake!

    Jordo sat in the middle and acted as a communication hub between the 2 parties. After another 2 hours and no bites the fishing was concluded! And the Snow man building begun!

    Max was declared with winner in the Scupture category and Timbi was declared the Winner in the Snow man tackling category! With a huge shoulder charge, ala Gordon Talis. Special mention to Jordo Juniors

    Soon all seven fishermen headed back to the cabin with the Fisk fitta labels on. Though, we came home empty handed again for the second year, the standard celebrations were had and the drinks and fire went on late into the night as to did the story of how big Larsä fish really was!

    Things are looking promising for next year as we now have had an official bite! Or was it……. Until next year ice fishing Adventure the fish remain a mystery…..  // Jordo

    Snowman #1

    Snowman #2

  7. Södermalm AGM and Bowling Championships

    By Blue Baller

    Saturday saw both work and pleasure. The AGM was a wrap-up in less than an hour, and under his firm leadership, Ivan “Baby Doc” Rexed, reshuffled the club board but managed to stay as President. Sean “Hardman” Hargreaves, who has been described as a rising star in the organization was elected VP, and John “Snooze” Murphy, who was moved next to tears when being told, took on the position as Secretary.

    Henrik “Hanky” Engervall was busy elsewhere for the day, but sent a message loud and clear about was is to be expected from his term as Treasurer – “the negative result (-2500kr) is a disgrace, and will not be repeated, not on my watch anyway!” (The full financial report is available in the AGM minutes, free for any member to read. Just send the club an email).

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  8. Söder Chess results leaked!

    By Petter Eek

    Shocking details regarding the Södermalm chess competition have been made public through Wikileaks. Wikileaks’ founder Julian Assange was unavailable for comment, but this latest release is believed to be consistent with the company’s mission statement – providing free public access to previously restricted material.

    A round-robin mini-tournament saw Joel and Brissles selected as pool A’s semifinalists, with Lars and Perezmo the best from pool B. Australian cricket captain Ricky Ponting viewed proceedings from the VIP box, and said it made a nice change to watch a sporting contest in which both participants had similar ability levels: “even when Lars and Perezmo fell behind, they were always still in the game. They didn’t stand around for days hoping it would rain so they could call the match a draw.” Despite this tenacity, both lost. As a result, Joel and Brissles were left to face off in their second consecutive chess final.

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