1. Södermalm AFC 15th Annual Bowling championship

    By Ryan Kingsley

    Södermalm AFC AGM and Bowling Night

    Saturday 4th March 2023 Södermalm AFC held it’s annual general meeting yesterday at the Old Brewer in Stockholm. A big thank you to all the members from last year and if you missed the Presidents Report we all should be congratulated on a very successful year. During the meeting, the club welcomed a new board member and had some exciting news about the new Södermalm Sports Club to play this year in the Swedish Cricket competition. All members can catch up on the minutes or check up all the news via the Official WhatsApp Group.

    The 15th Södermalm Ten Pin Bowling Trophy followed the AGM and there were a few big names out. While the reigning champion was bronzing himself naked on the beaches of WA and Mr Professional had packed up his shoes and ball 🎳 and gone home, there was no clear favourites. That all changed when The president himself bowled 212 in the warm up game before the final. The tickets fell off him pretty quickly though and while Don Key and Larry had a crack but it was Sean ‘Kungen’ Hargreaves who took control of the final to win the trophy with a score of 165. Congratulations Kungen!! and to top of his day his son Jack took home the club fishing trophy fishing trophy earlier in the day.

    Thanks for a great afternoon and for all the members who came along. It is going to be an exciting year.

    Please contact the club if you would like to join our social events or play some sport!!

    Next up is the annual social Curling event held on 24th march 17:00 at Sundbyberg curling centre let us know if you want join.

    By Ryan Kingsley 20220306

  2. Presidents report 2023

    By Jordo

    Date: 202300304 Presidents report

    In 2022 we are coming off the back of the Covid 19 pandemic. This year we held no less than 15 social events with 1 new event the Södermalm cricket awards night, couple of social cricket matches, Aussie fathers day, kids camping, Gotland 360 curling was back by popular demand and several LMS cricket matches.

    Our membership was 29. holding steady

    some of the highlights from the year was –

    1. bowling was won by condo 
    2. SAFC golf open won by briscoe and Zach tipping
    3. footy tipping – AFL – Clayton   NRL-Jordo 
    4. 9 games of LMS was played at the JCG -we came 3rd
    5. 7 members rode the Gotland 360 bike race representing Söder
    6. The SAFC handicap golf – Sam P Austin again 
    7. Pool – Daniel Fergusonl
    8. Chess – our junior in the club Elias Kingsley
    9. Jack hargreaves another junior  won the Fishing comp with his gädda

    we attracted 3 sponsors

    1. Hyundai center stockholm –
    2. Niras AB –
    3. Andrew smith

    Hopefully we can retain these sponsors.

    We have entered a cricket team into the swedish league for this coming season

    We look forward to attracting new members and also having a better attendance from all our members in 2023. so get around you mates and be sure to bring them along in 2023!

  3. Södermalm C.C to enters the big league

    By Petter Eek

    Södermalm CC will be enter their First XI into the national Cricket competition 2023 starting in 2nd division. We welcome all new players to the club and hope to see everyone at the upcoming AGM to have their say on how the club should be run this year.

    If you interested in joining the Club to play cricket or be involved on the board or even just to help out or have beer, please drop the club an email!

    see you all soon at the AGM, date to be set for March soon.

    Go Söder!!!


  4. Södermalm First XI

    By Petter Eek

    Södermalm First XI took on a combined DIF/SCC old boys in a T25 down at the J, skarpnäck cricket plan last saturday 17/9/2022.

    Södermalms Captain Danne Jordansson won the toss! and with clouds building up he elected to bat! it was obvious we were playing under English condition. PDP and smithy opened the innings for Söder, however after a huge defensive campaign to take the shine off the ball, both openers were dismissed within 3 over! in came Jordansson and Big blue, quite vigourously noted on the day they were partially representing MacArthur Cricket club from Sydney, unbeknownst to the cricketing public at the ground that the Macarthur CC had been defuct. for 20 years…….

    The pair manage to take the total from 2/13 to 3/82 at 10.1 even batting thru the rain, this steady the ship and allow the remaining batter come out swing! Stalker went cheaper however Murf, Condy and Kingsley closed out the innings smashing boundaries and moving the total to a Södermalm highest T25 score 6/199

    Setting a target of 200 for the visitors, play resumed after a 15 minute down pour. there was some talk of finishing the second innings at the Pub but the old boys were having none of that talk from skipper Jordansson.

    The old boys started strong with Tiwari and Anand starting strong, Big blue and Condy were get hammered all over the park, so a changed was called upon. New recruit Will e boy came in and broke the partnership with a great catch by PDP on the boundary. next over J:sson dismissed Tiwari with an absolut garbage balls which should have been hit for 12. but alas the tactic work and the visitors had slipped from 0/48 to 4/72. the bowling changed took 4/23 of 4.2. 2 wickets each!

    then on came Smithy the Destroyer. looking to get a triple wicket maiden first time not only in the clubs history but smithys life as well, however 2 of the wicket were unfortunately called no balls so hi finished his second over 1/2, byt a break thru none the less.

    Highlights of the day was bug blue trying to take a catch running in from the boundary in the wet only to fall slipping on his arse and letting the ball bounce once for 4. Another missed opportunity was J. murphy missing a stumping and dropping the 12 year old, ring in, Vijay singh, off his first ball! Vijay was forced to retired by Capt. Cribbin for defending to well and not being able to get out.

    Highlights of the day was bug blue trying to take a catch running in from the boundary in the wet only to fall slipping on his arse and letting the ball bounce once for 4. Another missed opportunity was J. Murphy missing a stumping and dropping the 12 year old, ring in, Vijay singh, off his first ball! Vijay was forced to retired by capt Cribbing for defending to well and not being able to get out.

    The hong Kong born Captain Cribbin and Ayyappa made a last ditch effort to smash there way to 200 in the remiaing over only to finish at 6/167.

    a great day was had by both team, the weather was drissly and shit until the BBQ started. Söder put on a lushous BBQ for both team and we all join the Local weekly Peruvian national day celebrations with loud music coin tossing and beers! as the weather cleared.


  5. 2022 The SAFC ProAm

    By Jordo

    The chance to win one of Söders most coveted awards- The Blue Jacket, saw a smattering of Söders finest golfers gather in the Agesta GK car park for the traditional pre-game bbq.
    Söder illuminaries such as Jordo, Brissles, Condo, Macca, H , were joined by newcomers Tipping and du Plessis to watch Electric Blue produce one of Soders finest bbq’s- black angus burgers with the lot With H lending his skills from learnt from Afrikaans boy scouts the coals were fired up to red hot and a selection of Aussie tunes reverberated throughout the carpark much to the enjoyment of the punters practising on the close by driving range.

    Unfortunately some late pullouts, Hagberg sickness, Kingsley and Logan “teachers meeting” saw a shortened field of contenders With names picked out the hat the following pairs strolled to the tee Condo/Macca McCormick-Sam Electric Blue Austin/Jordo- self declared early favourites and best golf bag du Plessis/ H Van Niekerk- most racist pair Brissler/Tipping- Old Dog/New Dog

    It became evident very quickly when Zach “Tiger” Tipping produced night vision goggles before teeing to ascertain pin distance that this pairing was going to be tough to beat. With Condo and Macca using the forest to their advantage is was also going to take some time for this pairing to get through 9 Jordo and Blue teed off next and quickly showed why they were so confident with some nice clean hitting directed at the foursome in front who were still on the green. H and no clubs DP were next and with H threatening physical violence if his partner did not perform at his best they too showed that they would be in the mix

    The greens or browns as they were called, were clearly going to be a factor and caused havoc to all groups who made the best of approach shots- it has to be said they were disgraceful Newcomer Tipping who had recently been offered a tour card with Greg Normans LIV breakaway tour was clearly a cut above the rest. His long smooth driving and assured approach shots along with Brisslers cunning and guile saw them master the browns , Electric blue and Jordo however were not to be denied and kept coming like two old dogs at a bone

    With the blue jacket coming down to the last hole all groups teed off together on the par 3. With the final hole settled and a barnstorming par by condo/macca the shots were counted 1 st Place and Blue Jacket Winners- Johnny Briscoe and Zach Tipping +2
    Runner Up- Jordo and Electric Sam Austine Blue +3
    3 rd Place H Van Niekerk and Pierre du Plessis +6
    4 th Place – Ben Condon and Brendan McCormick +9
    And with that H told everyone to go fuck themselves, stormed down to his specked up Hyundai and smoked it out of the car park, whilst condo went to the driving range to collect balls for the ones he lost on course.

    Written by Ben Condon

  6. 2021 Cricket awards night.

    By Jordo

    Last friday the Club celebrated the inaugural SAFC 2022 cricket awards at the prestigious Södermalm Club house, aka Jordos Shed.

    A great night was had by all 14 in attendance, Congratulations for Ryan Kingsley for winning the inaugural club cricketer of the year award.

    Cricket Kicks off this friday at 18:00 at Skarpnäcks IP against local rivals The Village Idiots. feel free to get along and heckle and have a beer or too.


  7. SAFC World Bowling championships

    By Jordo

    It was the championships to end all championships. A record 21 turned out. Some first timers and some old timers. Big Blue and Perezmo staked the early claim and they were soon joined by the Duke of Yorke and the two Snowmen. With an early core like that how could it be anything other than a cracka?! 

    The scoring was conservative in the first game with a majority of scores under 150. Julio and Roberto bringing the pain on behalf of “The rest of the World”. Triple M McManus looking slim as always, it’s just that he could hardly pick up a ball. He had to use a 6 weight all night. 

    Zach didn’t know quite what to make of the mob. He only landed in country 3 minutes ago, green as Kermit the Frog. Lucky he understands the universal language of beer. Pierre just needed to lean down the lane and drop the ball on the head pin, he so long. 

    The elder statesmen Cobra, Larry K, Perillo and Jordansson did well to make up the numbers. The body doesn’t get more flexible with time. Why does everything have to get so hard? But wait! Who’s that? The nic Law! Run Kungen Run! 

    The second game proved to be the high point. In both points and sense. By the time the final rolled around, only a few could still see what they were aiming for. It was then that Big Bronza struck. Who said stalking women on isolated beaches in Western Australia isn’t beneficial for the psyche?? Hey? It’s the rest of you that are perverts.  Big Bronza, fresh off an Aussie Fishing trawler rolled 208* to qualify directly to the final.

    The final consisted of Big Bronza, Ned, Perezmo, Big Blue, Brissles and Kungen who rolled a 155 to knock out Jordo by 1 point to round off the 6 finalist

    As the rest of the competition started out strong and disappeared in direct correlation to the amount of beers drunk, Big Bronza stood tall. Prouder than a honeymooners dick he was. All cock a hoop, trying to be humble but not at all succeeding. All night just standing there like Stephen Bradbury, letting the early favourites Big Blue and Brissles wage a private battle of attrition. Then Steeeerike! 

    Big Bronza won the final with a score of 146. lower than the 6 qualifying scores, the final was bowled in America style format and with a lot more pressure, not to mention confusing the bowlers who had to change lanes every second bowl.

    After the club dinner and awards, Jonathon Briscoe rightly received the honorary life membership. Fergo controversially won the best shirt, with the same shirt, for the second year in a row. I mean, which lumberjack decided that one? 

    Well done one. Well done all. A great night to kick off the year. See you at the next club social event.

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  8. Join us!!! – Bowling 22/4

    By Jordo

    The 15th Annual Club Bowling Championship will be held at New Bowl Gullmarsplan, Friday 22nd of April 18:30. Please join us in what has been a fantastic way in the past to kick of our social season!

    Feel Free to contact the club with any questions if you are new in town and would like to join in on the Fun.

  9. Curling 2022 with Larry!

    By Jordo

    On Friday the 18th of march the mighty men of Södermalm Social club took to the ice After 3 years of absence. No it was not from Corona that has kept us high and dry, it was a 3 year suspension opposed to the club due to spilling to much claret on the ice last time round.

    Happy to say that in 2022 the boys made it thru the evening with no blood spilled. The Blue team was the winner on the night on the night. Afterwards all enjoyed a cold beer at the Omnipollo brewery in Sundbyberg.

    Thanks Larry for organising a great evening.

  10. AGM

    By Jordo

    The Club AGM was held on 5th of March this year at O’learys Globen.

    There were 11 members in attendance. The club is held is a strong position and the new board was elected.

    President -Daniel Jordan

    Vice president -Sam Austin

    Treasurer – Alex Tesdorf

    Secretary – Ben Condon

    We look forward to see all members attend our Rego night where we will hold our 15th Annual Bowling night. check out the details in the calendar tab.