1. Stockholm T25 Exhibition Cricket Match:

    By Blue Baller

    Södermalm AFC vs Djurgården Cricket Club @ JCG, Skarpnäck, Sunday 31st May

    We would usually be three or four matches deep into the footy season by now but due to the pandemic continuing to rage on here in Europe, the mighty Södermalm Blues turned their sporting attention towards the red leather of a Kookaburra ball rather than that of the red Sherrin. Bradman and all the other weather Gods turned the sunshine on for our match against the Djurgården XI with conditions perfect for some beers, burgers and a bit of the gentleman’s game.

    The “Bat Toss”

    The day began with a bat toss by the two Captains (Jordo & Marcus) with Jordo losing the call and getting sent in by the Djurgåden XI skipper. Slightly nervous that we only had nine batsmen we all thought that this could have been a crucial toss to lose. Nevertheless, Club President and opening batsmen Daniel Jordan was extremely confident at the task at hand and rallied the troops to start padding up and get some ‘throwdowns into ya’.

    Söder’s Opening Batsmen

    Both opening batsmen (Jordo & Andrew Smith) certainly looked the part and both even had their own gear to use as opposed to the rest of us that needed the borrowed resources of the opposition team. With Macca (Umpire) and Larry (Square Leg Ump) heading out on to the field, this meant that pre-beers needed to be skulled by all. The first two overs were a bit slowly-slowly as both openers got their eye in on the hallowed synthetic deck but after that Jordo loosened up the shoulders and started to let rip. The run rate suddenly picked up with Smithy building a nice looking picket fence with an important IIIII (5) from an opening partnership of 45 before getting his wicket skittled.

    Joel ‘Iron Guts’ Burnell came to centre without missing a beat and turned up the heat with Captain Courageous as they both started to cart the Djurgården attack to all parts of the JCG. You know an opposition team is in trouble when the wicketkeeper needs to take off the pads after 5 overs to have a bowl. Jordo was putting on a MasterClass as he brought up Söder’s 100 with the established cricket side (formally SACS) looking like they had no answers for the Blues top order. With 11 overs gone the game suddenly became extended to a 25 over match with which a total of 200 now looking on the cards. Macca (Innings Umpire) had an excuse for every LBW and caught behind shout with just as many being a lie as they were true. Joel B(25) got his castle knocked over which saw Blues veteran Jonathan ‘Brissles’ Briscoe come to the crease as Jordo contemplated a chance for him to bring up his first ever cricketing century. With a quickfire (20) Brissles was eventually caught which then saw another Söder stalwart in Marcus ‘Rappa’ Rappoccio arrive to the crease to try and help Jordo score his elusive ton. As the Club Pres reached the nervous 90’s, the running between the wickets become almost diabolical with inexperienced square leg ump Larry waving away any close chances just like someone who has been umping 5th Grade cricket all of his life. With a huge six to bring up his 100, Jordo was forced to retire with rapturous applause (mostly due to those of us batting down the order wanting him gone so that WE could have a bat. Rappa and Tom ‘TZ’ Zacharissen plugged away and both finished 11* not out and 4* not out respectively. It was a fantastic batting effort with the final innings total being 3 for 181.

    During the innings changeover, the BBQ and beers were in full swing with an obvious lack of Mothers in attendance on such an important mors dag. Iron Guts opened the bowling with a Harmison-esque opening delivery that went for 5 wides but soon applied the screws as he and Macca did their work in establishing a strong start to Söder’s time out in the field. Macca got hit for one of the biggest sixes in world cricket by one of the smallest West Indians (subsequently smashing into a passing car) only to then have him get given out caught behind by his captain umpiring at the other end when clearly kicking the ball down the leg side. With Macca not even appealing it was so obviously not out, the opening batter was allowed to stay out there after such a howler of call but it was only short-lived when the same umpire sends him on his way for one of the dodgiest LBW calls in T20 history. 1st change Craig Taylor (2 for 42) came on with immediate success after replacing Joel B with his rapid pace and then Brissles (2 for 24) also picked up a wicket in his first over at the other end bowling some right arm darts. At this stage, the Djurgåden umpires were proving to be the best players on the Söder fielding team as their fingers were being raised more often than an Aussie bogan driving in Sydney peak hour traffic. Not long after his dismissal, the little West Indian opener sprinted back out to the middle and sacked each of the umpires and proceeded to give nothing out even when some players in fact were walking due to it being so blatantly out. Rappa (1 for 7) and Jordo teamed up during the middle overs to keep the wickets falling but as Söder’s established bowlers were completing their spells, opposition middle-order batsmen and token Aussie Sean started to go to tonky town and brought up a quickfire fifty to have us under the pump and feeling pretty deflated. It was our skipper who again stepped up with a direct hit to run out their captain for a duck but Sean kept the runs free-flowing single handily and was looking like stealing victory away from the mighty Blues. With less than 20 runs to get and 4 overs in hand Söder’s King Midas cemented his Man of the Match performance by bowling out Sean with no less then 12 runs to go and finished the match with figures of 3 for 27.

    It was a fantastic day and proved that we may all be footy players but the leather on willow is not that far removed from this talented footy club. Big shout out to all the boys from the Djurgården who made it a bloody terrific day.

    Thanks to Brendan McCormick for this match report!

  2. Färingsö Tour – Söder Cycling

    By Blue Baller

    On Sunday 24th of May, Team Söder AFC headed north for a 70km+ return bike tour of Färingsö.

    Ekerö Ferry back to Slagsta

    Starting at 06:30 am from Flemingsberg station, Briscoe, Jordo, John and Perillo then rode to Slagsta to catch the 07:15 ferry across to Ekerö after meeting a new team member in Robert T. After a short trip through the island the 5 member crew soon caught up with another 2 keen and ready bikers in Ferguson and Kristofer G.

    After learning about racing games and bike lingo from the new local men to help raise the competitive spirit amongst us; such as sprints to town signs and (later) Soviet style stops, the group cycled through Färingsö’s varied landscape, curved roads and challenging hills before heading to Troxhammar Golf Club for a well earned ‘fikapaus’.

    After seeing Kristofer G. off at Tappströms roundabout, Team Söder then made their way southbound back to the ferry across to Slagsta for the last ‘long way home’ leg of the trip when Briscoe’s bike suffered the unfortunate 2nd puncture in 2 rides which took 15 minutes to dismantle and change, but this didn’t dampen the spirit of the team as they shortly after charged their way through the steepest climb of the day at Flottsbro before riding several km more and eventually peeling off their way home for the day.

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  3. Team Söder Cycling – Nynäshamn Trip 10th May

    By Brissles

    Last Sunday 10th May a few guys headed out on the first long journey on the bike for Team Söder AFC down to Nynäshamn and back.

    Lunch at Rosenhill

    The meet up was 06.50 with a 07.00 sharp departure from Huddingehallen where Vic & Brissles led the charge down to Nynäshamn.

    The crew headed past Flemingsberg, Tullinge and through Södertörn down to Grödby and Segersäng before hitting Gamla Nynäsvägen which led all the way into Nynäshamn. There it was time for a coffee break and to meet Jordo and John who joined the return journey.

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  4. Inaugural Söder Club Ride

    By Blue Baller

    On Sunday 19th April we embarked on our first official club cycle ride, to qualify for a match we had 5 valiant warriors Jonny Briscoe, Jordo, Andree, Perillo and new member John Cullen.

    Starting out from Älvsjö station a little late due to a bike misplacement, we headed down through Huddinge. After rescuing his water bottle which jumped down the ditch at Haradsvägen, Perillo then formed a solo break away on his 3 speed town bike and headed off on his own route down Glömstavägen.

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  5. 2020 Footy Season

    By Brissles

    We hope all Söder members, friends and family are well in these exceptional circumstances brought on by Covid-19.

    The SAFF have advised that all 2020 season games until the summer break are cancelled.

    As advised by SAFF:

    Plan A is to play the regular season over 3 weeks in August & September with the top 2 sides playing a Grand Final on the 2nd weekend of September.

    Plan B is to have a 1-day tournament in Norrtälje on the 2nd weekend in September, provided this is possible under the circumstances.

    So while we are unable to play footy, the Söder Board will aim to be as creative and appropriate as the situation allows in trying to organise some club events during 2020.
    Stay tuned for some cycling tours, and the inaugural Söder golf tournament where the “Blue Jacket” will be awarded!

    Stay safe everyone.
    Kind regards,
    Söder Board

  6. Södermalm Curling Championship 2019

    By Grave Danger

    The beginning of spring in Sweden is a beautiful sight and the club decided to close the winter season off with the annual Södermalm Curling Championship. Larry organized a “curling lesson for beginners” at the local curling rink. Everyone that singed up for the event were definitely all beginners at the start of the day, because some of us who had participated in curling before, had forgotten everything. With the exception of Larry who was ever so graceful on the ice. After a few practice deliveries, we were ready for the main event. It was decided at the time to play International vs Australia.

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  7. Pre-season Training 2019

    By Doolz

    The brave men of Söder ventured outdoors for the first pre-season run of the year at Årsta Gårds Bollplan. With a couple of new faces and a few lads from Årsta and Solna, we all enjoyed being able to stretch out the legs, and made the most of it, even with it snowing half way through!

    Make sure you come along next Sunday and join in the fun!!

  8. Pool Night

    By Grave Danger

    So 2018 came and went and the Södermalm Blues event planning committee were behind in their events… So our pool night was on January 25, 2019. A cold evening but Nick, a member of the committee, was feeling the heat as it was his first planned event for the club. So he made sure it started off right with a few beers at the local watering hole, The Roo and Elk

    A few Little Creatures where drank with maybe the one off of Bundaberg Ginger Beers (it was a cold evening). 

    So as more and more of the participants came in even more messages came saying that they would be 10 mins late (no finger pointing). Once enough of us had shown up we made or way to the pool hall that Nick had conveniently chose because one it was close to the Roo and two it was even closer to his apartment. [maybe some foreshadowing] But his planning was on point, the rules where outlined in detail. Some of them being new even to myself. 


    Once we made it to the pool hall in Swedish fashion, booking of tables on a Friday night was a no go. We had to wait for a table to be available and win the lottery to see if we would get another close by, which we did. Nick I think at this point was relieved. He had printed out 4 copies of the tournament brackets because he knew that one or two would be fubar by the end of the night and they were. Thanks, Nick!

    So the games were starting up and brackets were getting smaller. As the games were being played people started ordering food and once one person ordered falukorv stroganoff it seemed like everyone ordered it. 

    So after fueling up on some Swedish delicacies the games continued and the time for playing it safe was over. Trick shots started some more successful than others.  


    Nearing the end of the tournament there were fewer players and more hecklers. Nerves were high and there was at least one person who sank the eight ball prematurely.


    Backstreetboy match – Matt B vs Matt C


    Those extra bracket prints came in handy. After all the games where played the final game was about to begin. (Matt B vs Worldwar Tom Z)

    And the person who came out on top was Matt B. 

    After the final game was played shots were had and a mandatory photo was taken. 

  9. Season launch and 2018 bowling championship

    By Doolz

    A big thank you to all the guys who made it down to the annual season launch and 2018 Södermalm 10-pin bowling championship! A total of 14 guys participated in the bowling with a few additional guys tagging along to enjoy the festivities. With the draw being released earlier in the day and everyone getting a good look at what Calle ‘Googles’ in his spare time, we were off and racing.

    After the first warm up game round and with a few adult beverages, some strong contenders started to emerge. The second real round was sure to separate the men from the boys and that it did! The four group winners through to the final play-off were, Brissles, Mick, Nick and Brad.

    The final started with a bang, with several guys throwing down strikes in there first effort. From there the game plateaued a little with Brissles nosing ahead, closely followed by Mick and Brad and Nick bringing up the rear. There was plenty of encouragement from the sidelines and a few words of wisdom shared amongst the competitors but as we edged closer to the final few frames, it was obvious that Brissles (and his somewhat questionable towel) would be champions!

    The final score:
    Brissles – 149
    Mick – 133
    Nick – 120
    Brad – 133

    Congratulation Brissles, another Söder trophy to add to the cabinet!

  10. Chess & Homebrew Championships 2017

    By Jordo

    Last Friday saw the Södermalm AFC 10th annual chess/home brew gala evening!

    It was 3rd club social event for the winter season with a strong turn out of 14 participants keen to try their hand at chess or merely along for the beer tasting.

    With 2 groups formed with 7 players each off we went…. Group 1 was the group of death with 3 strong favourites Lars, Johnny (7 time winner) and murf (current champion and wearing the yellow jersey) all tussling for top 2 positions and semi final berth.

    Murf toppling Jonny Briscoe was what some called an early upset. However murf simply stated ” that was no upset ! no one beats me anymore, i’m the best player Söder has ever seen”.

    Bonecrusher, former club downlow champ who has flown from brisbane for the nights festivities forced a miracle  stalemate with Lars, Lars also had stalemate against murf, forcing a play off match against Johnny for the 2nd place spot in the semi final which Johnny ended up winning. Murf finished top with 5.5 wins

    In group 2 it was a straight forward affair with jordo who cruised to victory in all 6 contests finishing top of the group with 6 points. JR, Chris price and Joel burnell were evenly placed for 2nd place prior to the last group match Joel v price!.

    In a thrilling match Joel narrowly beat Chris price to snatch the 2nd place and qualify for the semi-final.

    Then followed the home brew tasting interval.

    There were 7 entries to the home brew competition from 4 brewers. Check our the photos!

    With a wide range of styles and colours of beers, every beer received votes. Voting was a 3,2,1 vote by all 14 jurors.

    The final results were as followed.

    Black stiffy IPA 7.5% was a clear favourite winning with 23 votes

    Brew by Jordo and Lars it had smooth characteristics with a taste of chocolate and hints of coffee and hazelnut.

    2nd was Doolz “AA” Pale Ale.

    3rd was Brissles’ “Flatliner” Raspberry Weissbier.

    Back to the chess semi finals.

    Johnny beat jordo in a close exciting game. Jordo ran out of time against the 7 time champion with 30 seconds on johhnnys clock. Denying Jordo his first finals berth.

    In the other semi final. All the big talk and alcohol caught up with murf. Not realising his own alcohol intake he made several rookie mistake saw him go from winning to losing by giving up his queen and castle mid game allowing  a sober Joel to waltz into his 3rd final.

    Then controversy struck. Time had past and we had to vacate the hired hall. The final was to be staged at Lars flat.

    The crowd flowed over to Lars’ to watch the final with a few of the kegs on offer from the brewers including the winning brew!…. but in a final that had lost momentum Joel somehow cornered Johnny into a position of submission winning his first final and becoming only the fourth winner in 10 years of the club chess championship!

    A great night was had by all who attended.

    Also a congratulations to Nick law who beat murf in the pool final on the 7th November.

    Next event is the club 10 pin bowling end of January.

  11. VICTORY!!! – SAFF PREMIER 2017!!!

    By Doolz

    Saturday the 23rd September, the mighty Södermalm Blues lined up against Solna Axeman for the 2017 SAFF Grand Final. The boys in blue were happy to wear the underdog tag but took plenty of confidence from upsetting the Axeman 3 weeks prior. The JCG was looking extremely wet and muddy and Söder knew we were in for a tough and scrappy game.

    At the very start of the game Söder won the centre break, however it was quickly turned it over and came rocketing back. The Axeman then took full advantage and within the opening minutes they were already 1 goal up. Söder then fought hard to get the game level, but missed a few golden opportunities and before we knew it, Solna had jumped out to a 2 goal lead. The game continued to see-saw throughout the first, but moments before the whistle was blown, Söder had managed to scrap the ball forward and finally get one on the board.

    The second quarter started with a fierce determination from the Blues and we steadily got on top in general play. The conditions however meant simple marks and kicks were anything but, and the game started to get into a real fight. The Axeman were still managing to get the ball forward, however the back line of Tunde, MB, Brad and Gaz stood firm. Söder started to get on top in the middle about half way through with Jake throwing his body around in his typically fearless manner and Wolfman starting to assert himself in the ruck contests. The ball swayed from end to end with not much scoring and the Blues headed into half time less than a goal down.

    After the long break the Axeman pushed hard and hit the score board with the first goal, extended there lead and starting strongly in the Premiership quarter. Mick Larrson then managed to mark strongly a few minutes later and converted from 50m out. The game was firmly in the balance and Söder needed to stay strong and keep there feet in the wet and muddy conditions. After working the ball slowly out of the back half, Nick and Tanka combined to once again push it forward and we managed to keep it locked in there for a few minutes. After a ball-up contest Brissles came from nowhere and soccered through for another major. The next play saw Brad rebounding from the back and finding Grant who marked comfortably on the 50m and went back for the biggest kick of the game so far. With the wind in his face he managed to kick the ball right through the middle and Södermalm hit the front! The whistle blew and Söder were high on confidence but knowing a big final quarter was left to play.

    The final quarter of 2017 started and Söder were able to win the ball and rebound from the back line, with Gaz hitting Macca lace-out. The ball was then pumped forward and a scrap ensured and somehow Mick Larrson slammed it on the boot and Söder were off to the magical start. Solna then pushed forward hard after the ball up and several attempts on goal went begging and the boys of the Söder back line won the battle. Once again the ball rebounded with Macca and Wolfman combining beautifully to get it straight down to Brissles. He then converted truly and Söder had 2 goals within the first five minutes. The very next ball up saw Wolfman smash it forward to a running Tommy who booted it long to Grant. The big fella then somehow managed to handball to a running Mick Larrson who kicked the most FREAKISH snap on his left to make it 3 and all but put the game beyond Solna. After the restart Söder played smart football and managed to run down the clock with the last 10 minutes flying by. We then enjoyed the final few moments before being crowned SAFF 2017 PREMIERS! GO BLUES!!!

    Best on ground deservedly went to Brad, well done mate!

    Final score: Södermalm Blues 8.7. 55 defeating Solna Axeman 5.8. 38

  12. SAFF Grand Final – GO BLUES!!!

    By Doolz

    Södermalm Blues are into the Grand Final for 2017. In an unfortunate ending for the Stockholm Australian Football Federations (SAFF) competition, Årsta Swans were unable to field a team and the resulting forfeit ensured Söder’s entry into this years big dance.

    In the 10 year existence of SAFF and the Södermalm Blues, we’ve managed to make the Grand Final in 8 out 10 years. This is a supremely amazing effort from everyone involved over 10 great years!

    Let’s get around the boys this weekend and we hope to see as many supporter’s as possible. Details for the SAFF Grand Final:

    Starting time: 13:00
    Teams: Södermalm Blues Vs Solna Axeman
    Ground: JCG (Skarpnäcks sportfält)