1. Södermalm Deck Dockers

    By Blue Baller

    The Södermalm Blues returned to the wilds of Northern Stockholm this week to the site of their most recent victory over the Stockholm Dynamite in Sweden’s Elitserien competition to take on SAFF upstarts the Dockers in Round 7.

    Coming off the back of a victory against the Årsta Swans the Dockers would have fancied their chances at an upset in this one with a place in the preliminary finals on the line. However Söder, with an automatic place in the grand final up for grabs, were in no mood to be denied.

    Another sunny day saw the teams take the field, Södermalm missing a couple of key players and Norrtälje buoyed by home numbers set this one up for a lively encounter.

    As the game got under way Söder were in no mood to hang around and started well making good use of the footie through the midfield with solid handwork and hard running from Dylan ‘Warney’ O’Keefe and Gaelan ‘Dools’ Doolan to deliver service into the eagerly waiting forward line.

    They were provided with support from a rucking committee of Matt Barton and Martin ‘Legs’ Winberg who stepped up in place of full time Ruckman Mick ‘Stan the man’ Larsson who was otherwise indisposed with an over exertion injury of the right metacarpals. Winberg specifically, worked tirelessly to be a pain in the neck to Dockers all over the field.

    This wasn’t a walk in the park by any means though and the Dockers own Ruckman Buster Sund put on a domineering display at ball ups with his supporting cast including Ryan Tucker and Jeremy Darke swarming around the ball trying to feed off the scraps he served up.

    Norrtälje remained competitive all day and gave an effort to be proud of, however with Mick Larsson popping up in the forward line, Jason Neindorf again on scintillating form and Max Larsson kicking goals off full back for fun Söder could not be restrained.

    A game which saw all 13 Söder players kick goals leaves them atop the ladder with only Bromma to play in the SAFF.

    Role on the Big Blue Machine.

  2. Blues do the double over Stockholm Dynamite in 2015

    By Blue Baller

    Last Saturday 15th August a 17-strong squad of Söder players made the 1 hour drive north of Stockholm to Norrtälje to face the combined Stockholm Dynamite team for the 2nd time in 3 weeks with the Dynamite boasting players from Solna, Årsta, Norrtälje and Bromma.

    Perhaps it was a hang-over from the 171 point drubbing handed out to Solna last week, but Söder were slow off the mark against the Dynamite and early goals to Mattis Kvarnström and Trent Smith saw Stockholm take an early lead despite a quick reply from Jonny Briscoe for Söder on what was a fine summer day north of the Capital. Söder were unable to make use of the down-hill and down-wind end in the 1st quarter, however managed to restrict Stockholm’s use of it in the 2nd quarter and the result was a narrow 1 goal lead to the Dynamite at half-time.

    The 3rd quarter is often called the premiership quarter, and the Blues didn’t waste the down-hill down-wind opportunity this time, piling on 7 goals to none in the 3rd quarter to take a 36 point lead into the last quarter. The move of Rob Njoku to centre-half-back proved critical and opened up plenty of opportunity for Söder to drive forward.

    The 4th quarter saw Docker Ryan Tucker enter the game for the Dynamite and he had an immediate impact kicking the opening goal of the final quarter to give the home team a glimmer of hope for a famous come-back. However this was quickly snuffed out by a determined Söder team who responded with quick goals to Briscoe and Neindorf who resembled an Adelaide Crows’ Betts & Walker style combination in the Söder forward line.

    The final score was a 38 point victory to Söder with Jonny Briscoe kicking a career best 7 goals, and Mick smashing a burger in the aftermath:

    Söder: 14.7.91

    Stockholm: 8.5.53

    That takes Söder to 4 games undefeated in the National “Elitserien”, with only 2 games remaining against Helsingborg on 29th August at Skarpnäck, and against Port Malmö on Saturday 26th September in Malmö.

  3. Neindorf boots 9 in record romp over Solna!

    By Brissles

    Söder dominated in the latest round of the SAFF last Saturday 8th August against top of the table Solna, belting The Axemen to the tune of 171 points!! This eclipsed our previous record victory margin of 134 points over Bromma set in 2009. This was a new club record for highest team score in a single game, and Jase Neindorf’s 9-goal haul was the 2nd most goals kicked by a Söder player in a game.

    The final score was 26.24.180 vs 1.3.9.

    In what several spectators described as Söder’s “best ever” four-quarter effort, only inaccurate kicking saved the margin blowing out even more. Solna was unable to cope with the threat of the Blues’ Twin Towers Jason Neindorf (9 goals) and Rob Njoku (2 goals) who both dominated in the forward line and proved Continue reading →

  4. Blues blast Dynamite in Lars’ 100th appearance.

    By Blue Baller

    G’Day Footy Fans!

    After a welcome break, a chance for some much earned R’n’R and an opportunity to wash the stench of defeat off themselves the boys from Söder were back in action this Saturday. The game, part of Sweden’s Eliteserien was against Stockholm Dynamite the representative side from the capital that the Blues themselves call home.

    It was also a chance to celebrate the 100th appearance for the club of Lars ‘the fossil’ Hagberg, an ever present in the Södermalm lineup – one can count on two hands the number of games this guy has missed for the club in a career spanning the past seven years! He’s the first Söder player to reach 100 club games, and he’s still showing us all how it’s done!

    Given the pool of talent the dynamite have to choose from (even at the back end of the holidays) this was always going to be a test for Bluey’s crew! So the boys were glad to welcome back Rob ‘get some nuts’ Njoku from injury to lead the forward line.

    The game got underway defying the Swedish version of summer in warm sunny conditions and the Dynamite quickly made hay shooting out to a three goal lead. The slap in the face woke up the sleeping giants of Söder and they began to hustle and push their way back into the first quarter. Smooth handling from Continue reading →

  5. The fishing season kick starts!

    By Lars

    Summer has just started and the reports are pouring in. First on the board was Larry with a classic catch: Harr (30 cm) from Jämtland. Based on the subsequent results it seems like the ‘Kingsley Cruises’ out of Gnesta is attracting the Söder fishermen. The Condo gets his first recorded Söder catch ever with a 0.65kg/44cm Gös. Hitting the ground running he bagged 2.53kg/75cm gädda straight after. Larry registered his second catch of the year with a 0.56kg abborre from Gnesta.
    “Well, they’re both on the dole so I guess they’ve got time to fish. Me, I’m working my heart out trying to get this country back on its feet” was the comment from last year’s fishing champion Jordo.

  6. Söder won silver at Sweden Cup

    By Lars

    This year Södermalm Blues went down to Gothenburg and Sweden Cup with only 9 players, of which 1 had never seen an Australian football before (although when he got his hands on it you really couldn’t tell). First up was Landskrona (or was it Helsingborg, or Rainbow Warriors…) who put up a good fight in the first half. In the second Söder unleashed its secret weapon, first gamer Niklas Sahlgren who booted two goals and the boys won comfortably in the end. A solid start in the second game against home team Berzerkers put Söder in front by 3 goals at half time. A premature siren 3.5 minutes before the end gave Söder false hopes cause after that Gothenburg piled on. Continue reading →

  7. Söder knock Dockers in the wet – match report

    By Blue Baller

    Fresh off the back of a great display in Helsingborg the Blues entertained the Norrtälje Dockers at the JCG for this SAFF League Round 4 match. You would be forgiven for thinking some of the boys got lost in Helsingborg and hadn’t made it back given the relatively low turnout for the men from Söder!

    Not letting this nor the thunderous clouds gathering over head deter them though Södermalm were out of the traps quickly Gaelan Doolan and Matt Barton combining at the opposition 50 to set up Mick Larsson who slotted home the first of the day.

    It was at this point that the heavens decided to open and unleash a steady stream of rain which would continue to persist for the afternoon.

    (picture: Mick Larsson bagged 6 of Söder’s 7 goals!)

    With the ball as slippery as a fish both teams put in a lot of work on the ground trying to get a hold of the pill and keep it moving in the right direction. The blues enigmatic Finn Kaj ‘magic hands’ Karlsson the pick of the bunch handballing to himself on several occasions before finding a willing runner in Dylan O’Keefe in the Söder engine room.

    Throughout the game Söder continued to pressure the Dockers and often threatened but not always completing with the desired finish. The Dockers themselves pushed and harried around the ball all day looking for any opportunity to take advantage of a sloppy possession or a spilled ball, frequently counter attacking after Söder moves broke down. In the choppy condition though the Dockers suffered from the same inaccuracy in front of goal as their opponents, this coupled with an eager display from the Blues’ defense meant it was always going to be an uphill struggle.

    At the end of the day Söder won out, however everyone will be hoping that the Swedish summer has more to offer than this rain sodden encounter.

    It’s safe to say that all present at the JCG on Saturday were left thoroughly moist but for all the wrong reasons.

    Söder’s next appearance is the Swedish Cup being played next Saturday 6th June in Gothenburg (Kvibergs Fotbollsplaner kl.12.00-17.00). Pop in and have a look at the boys in blue perform is you are near Gothenburg.

    Good luck boys!

  8. Söder crucify Saints in Helsingborg

    By Blue Baller

    By Matt Barton

    At the crack of dawn this past Saturday the brave men of Söder saddled up and began to make their way south to the wilderness of Skåne to take on the Helsingborg Saints in round two of this year’s Elitserien. Hoping to improve to 2-0 in the competition, the Blues travelled the 5 hours down the E4 for what was always going to be a fiery encounter calling on reinforcements in the form of recent former players (pictured right) Chris ‘Bull’ Angus (now sunning himself in California) and Ivan ‘Tarzan’ Rexed (rumored to be opening a string of martial arts dojo’s in Göteborg).
    After a short warm up and under overcast skies Södermalm took to the field looking to Continue reading →

  9. Will double rainbow lead Söder to gold in Helsingborg? Game Preview.

    By Brissles

    The boys spotted a double rainbow at training this week on Thursday night… will this lead us to a pot of gold in Helsingborg on Saturday?

    On Saturday we take the 6 hour journey south to Helsingborg to play one of Sweden’s oldest clubs (est. 1993) the Helsingborg Saints. The Saints have been playing in the Danish League for 20 years, but pulled the plug on that this season to focus on the Swedish Elitserien. A tough game awaits the brave Söder men making the longest journey in the club’s history for league points.

    In the 1st Elitserien game a few weeks ago, Helsingborg went down to a strong Stockholm Dynamite team by 30pts, 12.10.82 vs 8.4.52. But that result will mean little for a Helsingborg team playing in front of their home crowd this Saturday for one of their biggest games of the season. Expect them to be at full strength and Söder to face their toughest challenge so far in 2015.

    Thanks to Calle Nellbring for the photo.

  10. Söder win a close one vs Årsta to remain top of SAFF

    By Brissles

    By Matt Barton

    With an early sun beating down on a lush green JCG oval the two top sides after round one of this year’s SAFF took to the field to do battle. This game saw Johnny Briscoe of the Blues taking the field for his 50th game, joining Lars ‘the pensioner’ Hagberg and only a handful of others in accomplishing the feat.

    The men of Söder took to the field missing a couple of players including key forward Kaj ‘The Kaj’ Karlsson (emergency call up to the national Finnish drinking team) and field marshall/ruckman Mik Larsson (twisted sock), though Årsta were also missing players the most notable the influential Glenn Mcleod.

    The first quarter got underway with Årsta ruckman Duncan Matheson setting the tone for what would be a domineering display in ball ups around the ground by winning the tap-outs. With some swift movement in the midfield Söder found themselves exposed and on the back foot quickly going behind to an Årsta goal. Depite the best efforts of the Blues to establish a foothold, Årsta kept on coming continuing to pile on the pressure and kick goals.

    After coming out of a quarter time dressing down the Blues started Continue reading →

  11. Söder top both league ladders! – Match report

    By Brissles

    By Matt Barton

    Following on from the opening weekend’s success in the Elitserien, Södermalm Blues looked to extend their winning form to the SAFF against none other than the Solna Axemen who they fell to in the Grand Final last year.

    Both sides began the first quarter tentatively exchanging early blows with Söder taking time to settle into the new formation deployed by Head Coach Daniel ‘Jordo’ Jordansson (right).

    After a few changes at quarter time and tweaking of playing positions the blues started to Continue reading →

  12. Leapin’ Larry Wins Let’s Dance 2015!

    By Blue Baller

    Congratulations to our very own Larry who together with Cici, won Let’s Dance Sweden 2015!! Unless you have spent the last few days under a rock, you would have surely seen the celebrations through the streets of Stockholm and in fact all around Sweden.

    Larry’s trademark leap (pictured below) helped win him a place in the final on Friday night, and with a twinkle in his eye, he dazzled the judges and more importantly, all the TV viewers at home to take out the coveted Red Glass Shoe Trophy! (left)

    Equally as impressive was the fact that he showed up for Söder on Saturday and played a great game of footy in our victory over Malmö! All spectators at the match agreed that his ‘quick step’ routine in the backline had the Malmö players bamboozled!

    Congratulations Larry and let’s hope Söder can add some more silverware from the footy field to your collection later this year!