1. Homebrewing

    Having problems sourcing a locally produced wheat beer?
    Looking for that Södermalm Christmas porter which is always sold out at systembolaget?
    You’ve heard of a brewery that makes the best Red Ale in Stockholm but you don’t know where to find it?
    Have no fear, we have the solution for you!

    Södermalm United Breweries is an association of the homebrewers of Södermalm AFC. We organize the annual homebrewing competition which is held in conjuction with the chess competition.
    All Södermalm members are welcome to join the homebrewing club.


    Year Beer Brewery Brew Master
    2019 Tap Lager SUB Daniel Jordan, Lars Hagberg
    2018 Honeymoon Pale Ale Brissles Jonathon Briscoe
    2017 Black Stiffy SUB Daniel Jordan, Lars Hagberg
    2016 Ruby Tuesday O’Larrys Lars Hagberg
    2015 Coopers Pale Ale Duel Brewing Gaelan Doolan
    2014 LIPA O’Larrys Lars Hagberg

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