1. Honour Roll

    Club Executive

    The Södermalm board is elected at the AGM at the beginning of each season and is responsible for keeping the club in good shape, in all possible ways.

      PresidentV. PresidentSecretaryTreasurerCoachCaptain
    2024D. JordanS. AustinS. LoganA. TesdorfCricket
    2023D. JordanS. AustinB. CondonA. TesdorfCricketJ. Taylor
    2022D. JordanS. AustinB. CondonA. TesdorfCricketR. Kingsley
    2021D. JordanA. ÅrmanA. TesdorfI. RexedCricketD. Jordan
    2020D. JordanJ. BriscoeL. HagbergI. RexedCricketD. Jordan
    2019Mi. LarssonS. HargreavesA. HigginsJ. MurphyR. NjokuMi. Larsson
    2018M. BartonG. DoolanC. NellbringA. AdelajaR. NjokuMi. Larsson
    2017M. BartonA. CherryC. NellbringA. RundleK. KarlssonG. Doolan
    2016J. RaninenD. O’keefeM.BartonA. RundleK. KarlssonMi. Larsson
    2015J. BurnellO. LöfgrenJ. RaninenA. RundleD. JordanMi. Larsson
    2014K. KarlssonO. LöfgrenJ. RaninenJ. BurnellC. AngusD. O’keefe
    2013L. HagbergA. ÅrmanM. RappoccioI. RexedD. JordanMa. Larsson
    2012L. HagbergA. ÅrmanM. RappoccioI. RexedP. StephensMa. Larsson
    2011I. RexedS. HargreavesJ. MurphyH. EngervallP. StephensMa. Larsson
    2010I. RexedL. HagbergP. EekS. HargreavesD. JordanL. Hagberg
    2009J. BriscoeL. HagbergD. JordanI. RexedD. JordanL. Hagberg
    2008R. AmoreI. RexedD. JordanL. HagbergD. JordanL. Hagberg
    2007R. AmoreI. RexedD. JordanL. HagbergD. JordanL. Hagberg

    Honourable life members

    Honourable life membership is awarded to a player, coach or board member for excellent achievements in the interest of the club.

     Year of indoctrinationMember
    2022J. Briscoe
    2017J. Burnell
    2014I. Rexed
    2013L. Hagberg
    2011D. Jordan

    The Club Honour Board

    Södermalm have an extensive Social fixture including, but not limited to, chess, AFL-NRL tipping, fishing competition, pool night, Chess, Golf, Tennis and bowling night. The winners in these activities are named below.

     Chess champion AFL TippingFisherman 
    2023Dan Stephen (154)Jack HargreavesGädda 1.1kg
    2022Elias KingsleyClayton Neill (149)Jack HargreavesAbborre 900grams
    2021Daniel JordanChris Tancredi (143)Andree “Donkey” Årman
    2020Jonathon BriscoeChris Tancredi (116)Calle NellbringGädda, 60cm/2kg
    2019Jonathon Briscoe Daniel Perillo (145) Daniel Jordan  Gös 4.17kg
    2018Jonathon BriscoeBen Condon (147)  
    2017Joel BurnellJohn Murphy (136)Daniel JordanAbborre, 1.1 kg / 43 cm
    2016John MurphyLars Hagberg (152)Daniel JordanGös, 4 kg/ 72 cm
    2015Jonathon BriscoeAndrew Rundle (148)Jonathon Briscoe (Ice) /Mikael PerezAbbore, 18cm/Gädda, 5 kg
    2014Jonathon BriscoeBen Condon (158)Daniel JordanGös, 61cm
    2013Jonathon BriscoeJonathon Briscoe (157)Lars HagbergHarr, 48 cm
    2012Jonathon BriscoeJake Matthews (152)Sean HargravesGädda, 69 cm
    2011Jonathon BriscoeLars Hagberg (149)Daniel JordanGös, 52 cm
    2010Jonathon BriscoeJoel Burnell (122)Sean HargreavesGädda, 76 cm
    2009Jonathon BriscoeJoel Burnell (123)Lars HagbergAbborre, 15 cm
    2008Max LarssonTim Shaw (121)

    Honour board (contd.)

     Pool King             10 pin Bowling Emperor   NRL tipping
    2024Daniel Jordan (202)-5 strikes in a row
    2023Alex TesdorfSean Hargreaves (165)John Murphy* (152)
    2022Daniel ‘Piney’ FergusonBen Condon (146)Daniel Jordan (141)
    2021Joel BurnellJonathon Briscoe (207)Daniel Jordan (150)
    2020PostponedMarcus Rappoccio (156)Daniel Jordan (122)
    2019Jonathon BriscoeShane Saunders (108)
    2018Matthew BartonJonathon Briscoe (149)
    2017Nick LawBrendan McCormick (185)
    2016Jonas RaninenJoel Burnell (195)* Denotes Joker
    2015Matthew BartonJohan Dahlberg (135)
    2014Jonathon BriscoeJames Studdert (196)
    2013Jonathon BriscoeChris Angus (154)
    2012Ben CondonDave Farrow (169)
    2011Joel BurnellChris Angus (220)
    2010Timbi PoonSam Austin & Jonathon Briscoe (172)
    2009Jonathon BriscoeLars Hagberg (124)
    2008Jonathon BriscoeMikael Perez (151)
    Södermalm Pro – Am B.B Södermalm Handicap
    “The blue jacket”
    Södermalm Tennis championships
    2023Zach Tipping & Joel Burnell
    (+2) Ågesta GK
    Mark McManus +2
    Ågesta 18 hole
    J. O’Brien & S Austin
    2022Zach Tipping & Jonathon Briscoe (+2) ÅgestaSam Austin -4 (28)
    Fors GK
    2021Ned Hall & Johan Dalhberg
    (Even*) Ågesta GK
    Sam Austin -2 (30)
    Fors GK
    Andrew Smith & Nick Law
    8-6, 6-4, 3-6, 7-5
    2020Daniel Jordan & Nick Law
    (Even) Ågesta GK
    —————-Andrew Smith & Lars Hagberg 1-6, 6-4, 7-5
    * Winning in 2nd hole play off

    Cricket Honour Roll

    Club CaptainDuck Champion
    2023Joe TaylorDaniel Ferguson – 3
    2022Ryan Kingsley*Joel Burnell – 1
    2021Daniel JordanAndrew Smith – 4
    2020Daniel Jordan
    * on countback

    LMS Batting highlights

    2024Joel Burnell52 (18)Stockholm Fenix
    2023Ned Hall121* (63)Trident Super kings*
    2023Daniel Jordan50* (21)Original 8 Ballers
    2023Andrew Smith51* (34)Skarpnäck Smashers
    2022Jonathon Briscoe50* (28)Village idiots
    2022John Murphy50* (26)Original 8 Ballers
    2022Craig Taylor46 (48)Stockholm Lions
    2022Sean Logan50* (27)Sanzar
    2022John Murphy52* (24)Sanzar
    2022Ben Condon50* (37)Djurgården Dynamites
    2022Mark McManus 50* (27)Djurgården Dynamites
    2022Ned Hall52*Tavernas C.C*
    2022Daniel Jordan50*Tavernas C.C*
    2022Ryan Kingsley50* (23)Skarpnäck Smashers
    2022Jonathon Briscoe51* (28)Skarpnäck Smashers
    2022Mark McManus50* (39)Stockholm Fenix
    2022Ryan Kingsley74* (46)Stockholm Fenix
    2021Jonathon Briscoe50 (46)Stockholm 8 ballers
    2021Jonathon Briscoe55*(25)Stockholm Fenix
    2021Ryan Kingsley59* (29)Wolves
    2021Ryan Kingsley59* (37)Djurgården Dynamites
    2021Ryan Kingsley50* (28)Village Idiots
    2021Ryan Kingsley75*(35)Stockholm Tigers
    2021Daniel Jordan101 (40)Stockholm Tigers
    2020Daniel Jordan58*Djurgården C.C *
    2020Ryan Kingsley81Djurgården C.C*
    2020Daniel Jordan103*Djurgården C.C *
    * against opponent denotes T20 – 11 a side match.

    LMS Bowling Highlights

    2023Ben Condon5/23 (4.0)*Ludvika C.C*
    2023Daniel Jordan –HATTRICK3/21 (3.0)Village idiots
    2023Ryan Kingsley3/20 (4.0)Stockholm Fenix
    2022Ben Condon3/14 (3.0)Village idiots
    2022Jonathon briscoe3/14 (3.0)Skarpnäck Smashers
    2021John Murphy3/22 (3.0)Stockholm Fenix
    2021Sean Logan4/33 (4.0)Village Idiots
    2020Daniel Jordan3/27 (4.0)*Djurgården C.C *
    * against opponent denotes T20 – 11 a side match.

    End Of Season Trip Abroad (Footy Trip)

    At the end of each social season, The club organises an end of season trip abroad. On the Saturday evening the club holds a dinner and ocassionally presents some club awards. You can see our Destinations below.

     Destination Downlow Medalist
    2023LudvikaBen Condon
    2022StockholmBluey Svensson
    2021BerlinSean Logan
    2018KrakowMick Larsson
    2017MunichJohn Murphy
    2016VilniusDylan O’Keefe
    2015RigaDylan O’Keefe
    2014GenevaJonas Holm
    2013BudapestMarcus Rappoccio
    2012GdanskDaniel ‘Bonecrusher’ Stephens
    2011RigaMicke Perez
    2010WarsawJoel Burnell
    2009EindhovenMick Larsson
    2008BratislavaMicke Perez
    2007BratislavaPhilip ‘The Shadow’ Ekelund

    Stockholm Marathon Table

    In 2011 Paul Stephens started a new tradition by being the first club member to run the Stockholm Marathon.

    Sean logan20224:14:14
    Sean Logan20214:08:39
    Sam Austin20214:33:30
    Tim Readwin20173:02:04
    Lars Hagberg20173.35.14
    Lars Hagberg20143.25.19
    Ben Condon20134.13.14
    Paul Stephens20123.28.25
    Paul Stephens20113.37.02

    AFL Best and Fairest

    The Best and fairest is awarded to the player who gets most points in the club voting. The award is presented on the annual Awards night. See the full presentation at the end of each row in the table below.

     Best and fairest (AUS)Runner upBest and fairest (SWE)Runner up 
    2019 Thomas ZacharissenGaelan Doolan Mick LarssonMatt Gibbons  
    2018Andrew RundleGrant LinkeMick LarssonLars Hagberg 
    2017Brad StahlhutAndrew RundleMick LarssonJason Grainger 
    2016Rob NjokuMarcus RappoccioJohan DahlbergMick LarssonPres.
    2015Rob NjokuJason NeindorfMick LarssonLars HagbergPres.
    2014Dylan O’keefeMarcus Rappoccio & Chris TancrediMick LarssonOscar LöfgrenPres.
    2013Rob NjokuDylan O’keefeOscar LöfgrenIvan RexedPres.
    2012Chris TancrediBrad StalhultMax LarssonOscar LöfgrenPres.
    2011Chris AngusJordan StubbsMax LarssonNatis JohanssonPres.
    2010Cody StephensJoel BurnellLars HagbergMax LarssonPres.
    2009Joel BurnellJonathon BriscoeJohan DahlbergMick LarssonPres.
    2008Joel BurnellStuart TonkinLars HagbergIvan Rexed 
    2007Daniel JordanMarcus RappoccioMax LarssonLars Hagberg 

    Club Awards

    The Club awards are awarded by the club to outstanding performances during the year. Coaches award and Most improved are named by the Coach. Goal kicker is awarded to the player who kicked the most goals in all Södermalm games during the season and Club person is named by the Club board to outstanding performances off the field.

     Coaches Award /Players’ playerMost consistentGoal kickerClub person
    2019Gareth SaltonstallJason GraingerGrant Linke (24)Jason Grainger
    2018Nick LawGrant LinkeMick Larsson (24)Jason Grainger
    2017Ayotunde AdelajaDaniel WilsonMick Larsson (34)Gaelan Doolan
    2016Matthew BartonGaelan DoolanMarcus Rappoccio (21)Lars Hagberg
    2015Lars HagbergMatt BartonMick Larsson (42)Jonathon Briscoe
    2014Martin WinbergNick GilletChris Tancredi (22)Jonas Raninen
    2013Martin HolmBluey SvenssonDylan O’keefe (19)Kaj Karlsson
    2012Kaj KarlssonOscar Löfgren-FerrazChris Tancredi (26)Micke Perez
    2011Ivan RexedOscar Löfgren-FerrazMax Larsson (21)Bluey Svensson
    2010Sebastian DordaDaniel WilsonPetter Eek (19)
    2009Lars HagbergHenrik EngervallJonathon Briscoe (24)Dave Carde & Lena Österberg
    2008Petter EekSimon FaremoJoel Burnell (19)Dave Carde
    2007Johan DahlbergDan FergusonDaniel Jordan (16)Lars Hagberg

    50 & 100 played games award

    Södermalm awards our most loyal players with the 50 & 100 played games award. The medals are received on the annual Awards Night.

    2016Johan Dahlberg100
    2015Lars Hagberg100
    2016Marcus Rappoccio50
    2015Kaj Karlsson50
    2015Dylan OKeefe50
    2015Jonathon Briscoe50
    2015Mick Larsson50
    2013Chris Tancredi50
    2013Joel Burnell50
    2013Ivan Rexed50
    2012Max Larsson50
    2012Petter Eek50
    2012Johan Dahlberg50
    2011Lars Hagberg50

    Junior Development Executive

    In 2014 Södermalm started a Junior Section in order to grow and develop both the sport and the club.

     Team ManagerCoachAssistant coach
    2016J. RaninenM. RappoccioL. Hagberg
    2015J. RaninenM. RappoccioL. Hagberg
    2014J. RaninenM. RappoccioL. Hagberg

    Father & Son games played together

    In 2010 the Stephens family started a new tradition by being the first father & son combination to play together in official Södermalm colours. This outstanding achievement is recognised as one that will not be repeated often. Long may the tradition continue!

    FamilyYear Games 
    Paul, Cody & Daniel Stephens2010    4

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