1. Honour Roll

    Best and Fairest

    The Best and fairest is awarded to the player who gets most points in the club voting. The award is presented on the annual Awards night. See the full presentation at the end of each row in the table below.

    Best and fairest (AUS) Runner up Best and fairest (SWE) Runner up
    2016 Rob Njoku Marcus Rappoccio Johan Dahlberg Mick Larsson Pres.
    2015 Rob Njoku Jason Neindorf Mick Larsson Lars Hagberg Pres.
    2014 Dylan O’keefe Marcus Rappoccio & Chris Tancredi Mick Larsson Oscar Löfgren Pres.
    2013 Rob Njoku Dylan O’keefe Oscar Löfgren Ivan Rexed Pres.
    2012 Chris Tancredi Brad Stalhult Max Larsson Oscar Löfgren Pres.
    2011 Chris Angus Jordan Stubbs Max Larsson Natis Johansson Pres.
    2010 Cody Stephens Joel Burnell Lars Hagberg Max Larsson Pres.
    2009 Joel Burnell Jonathon Briscoe Johan Dahlberg Mick Larsson Pres.
    2008 Joel Burnell Stuart Tonkin Lars Hagberg Ivan Rexed
    2007 Daniel Jordan Marcus Rappoccio Max Larsson Lars Hagberg

    Club Awards

    The Club awards are awarded by the club to outstanding performances during the year. Coaches award and Most improved are named by the Coach. Goal kicker is awarded to the player who kicked the most goals in all Södermalm games during the season and Club person is named by the Club board to outstanding performances off the field.

    Coaches Award /Players’ player Most consistent Goal kicker Club person
    2016 Matthew Barton Gaelan Doolan Marcus Rappoccio (21) Lars Hagberg
    2015 Lars Hagberg Matt Barton Mick Larsson (42) Jonathon Briscoe
    2014 Martin Winberg Nick Gillet Chris Tancredi (22) Jonas Raninen
    2013 Martin Holm Bluey Svensson Dylan O’keefe (19) Kaj Karlsson
    2012 Kaj Karlsson Oscar Löfgren-Ferraz Chris Tancredi (26) Micke Perez
    2011 Ivan Rexed Oscar Löfgren-Ferraz Max Larsson (21) Bluey Svensson
    2010 Sebastian Dorda Daniel Wilson Petter Eek (19) -
    2009 Lars Hagberg Henrik Engervall Jonathon Briscoe (24) Dave Carde & Lena Österberg
    2008 Petter Eek Simon Faremo Joel Burnell (19) Dave Carde
    2007 Johan Dahlberg Dan Ferguson Daniel Jordan (16) Lars Hagberg

    50 & 100 played games award

    Södermalm awards our most loyal players with the 50 & 100 played games award. The medals are received on the annual Awards Night.

    Player Games
    2016 Johan Dahlberg 100
    2015 Lars Hagberg 100
    2016 Marcus Rappoccio 50
    2015 Kaj Karlsson 50
    2015 Dylan OKeefe 50
    2015 Jonathon Briscoe 50
    2015 Mick Larsson 50
    2013 Chris Tancredi 50
    2013 Joel Burnell 50
    2013 Ivan Rexed 50
    2012 Max Larsson 50
    2012 Petter Eek 50
    2012 Johan Dahlberg 50
    2011 Lars Hagberg 50

    Honourable Mentions

    Södermalm have an extensive non-game fixture including, but not limited to, chess, AFL-tipping, fishing competition, pool night and bowling night. The winners in these activities are named below.

    Chess champion AFL Tipping Fisherman
    2016 John Murphy Lars Hagberg (152) Daniel Jordan Gös, 4 kg/ 72 cm
    2015 Jonathon Briscoe Andrew Rundle (148) Jonathon Briscoe (Ice) /Mikael Perez Abbore, 18cm/Gädda, 5 kg
    2014 Jonathon Briscoe Ben Condon (158) Daniel Jordan Gös, 61cm
    2013 Jonathon Briscoe Jonathon Briscoe (157) Lars Hagberg Harr, 48 cm
    2012 Jonathon Briscoe Jake Matthews (152) Sean Hargraves Gädda, 69 cm
    2011 Jonathon Briscoe Lars Hagberg (149) Daniel Jordan Gös, 52 cm
    2010 Jonathon Briscoe Joel Burnell (122) Sean Hargreaves Gädda, 76 cm
    2009 Jonathon Briscoe Joel Burnell (123) Lars Hagberg Abborre, 15 cm
    2008 Max Larsson Tim Shaw (121) - -

    Honourable Mentions (contd.)

    Pool King              10 pin Bowling Emperor   
    2018 Jonathon Briscoe (149)
    2016 Jonas Raninen Joel Burnell (195)
    2015 Matthew Barton Johan Dahlberg (135)
    2014 Jonathon Briscoe James Studdert (196)
    2013 Jonathon Briscoe Chris Angus (154)
    2012 Ben Condon Big Dave Farrow (169)
    2011 Joel Burnell Chris Angus (220)
    2010 Timbi Poon Sam Austin & Jonathon Briscoe (172)
    2009 Jonathon Briscoe Lars Hagberg (124)
    2008 Jonathon Briscoe Mikael Perez (151)

    Club Executive

    The Södermalm board is elected at the AGM at the beginning of each season and is responsible for keeping the club in good shape, in all possible ways.

    President Vice president Secretary Treasurer Coach Captain
    2017 M. Barton A. Cherry C. Nellbring A. Rundle None Mi. Larsson/G. Doolan
    2016 J. Raninen D. O’keefe M.Barton A. Rundle K.Karlsson Mi. Larsson
    2015 J. Burnell O. Löfgren J. Raninen A. Rundle D. Jordan Mi. Larsson
    2014 K. Karlsson O. Löfgren J. Raninen J. Burnell C. Angus D. O’keefe
    2013 L. Hagberg A. Årman M. Rappoccio I. Rexed D. Jordan Ma. Larsson
    2012 L. Hagberg A. Årman M. Rappoccio I. Rexed P. Stephens Ma. Larsson
    2011 I. Rexed S. Hargreaves J. Murphy H. Engervall P. Stephens Ma. Larsson
    2010 I. Rexed L. Hagberg P. Eek S. Hargreaves D. Jordan L. Hagberg
    2009 J. Briscoe L. Hagberg D. Jordan I. Rexed D. Jordan L. Hagberg
    2008 R. Amore I. Rexed D. Jordan L. Hagberg D. Jordan L. Hagberg
    2007 R. Amore I. Rexed D. Jordan L. Hagberg D. Jordan L. Hagberg

    Junior Development Executive

    In 2014 Södermalm started a Junior Section in order to grow and develop both the sport and the club.

    Team Manager Coach Assistant coach
    2016 J. Raninen M. Rappoccio L. Hagberg
    2015 J. Raninen M. Rappoccio L. Hagberg
    2014 J. Raninen M. Rappoccio L. Hagberg

    Honourable life members

    Honourable life membership is awarded to a player, coach or board member for excellent achievements in the interest of the club.

    2014 I. Rexed
    2013 L. Hagberg
    2011 D. Jordan

    Annual Footy Trip

    At the end of each season Södermalm goes on tour in an effort to play against other international teams. So far this mission has been unsuccessful. Nevertheless, they’ve been good trips.

    Destination  Downlow Medalist
    2017 Munich No nominations
    2016 Vilnius Dylan O’Keefe
    2015 Riga Dylan O’Keefe
    2014 Geneva Jonas Holm
    2013 Budapest Marcus Rappoccio
    2012 Gdansk Daniel ‘Bonecrusher’ Stephens
    2011 Riga Micke Perez
    2010 Warsaw Joel Burnell
    2009 Eindhoven Mick Larsson
    2008 Bratislava Micke Perez
    2007 Bratislava Philip ‘The Shadow’ Ekelund

    Stockholm Marathon Table

    In 2011 Paul Stephens started a new tradition by being the first member to run the Stockholm Marathon in official Södermalm colours.

    Year Time
    Lars Hagberg 2017 3.35.14
    Lars Hagberg 2014 3.25.19
    Paul Stephens 2012 3.28.25
    Paul Stephens 2011 3.37.02
    Ben Condon 2013 4.13.14

    Father & Son games played together

    In 2010 the Stephens family started a new tradition by being the first father & son combination to play together in official Södermalm colours. This outstanding achievement is recognised as one that will not be repeated often. Long may the tradition continue!

    Family Year  Games 
    Paul, Cody & Daniel Stephens 2010     4


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