1. Fishing

    Do you like casting in the reeds for pike? Or trolling the lake for zander? Do you like stream fishing for trout? Or do you prefer ice fishing in the winter? Do you like fishing, well do ya? Then the Södermalm Fishing Club is the place for you!

    We’re a group of people who enjoy all kinds of fishing. We organize two big events every year; the Södermalm Fishing Competition and the Ice Fishing Trip.

    Catch of the day

    Fishing competition
    The fishing competition starts on the 1st of October and then runs for 12 months. The winner is the person who lands the best catch according to the fishing committee. This is simply because we like to cater to all tastes. Just because you prefer fishing for herring shouldn’t stop you from winning the competition. Click here for a complete set rules. The winner is presented with the trophy at the annual Södermalm AFC Awards night in November.

    Previous winners: 

    2017 Daniel Jordan Abborre, 1.1 kg / 43 cm
    2016 Daniel Jordan Gös, 4 kg / 72 cm
    2015  Mikael Perez Gädda, 5 kg
    2014 Daniel Jordan Gös, 61 cm / 2.1 kg
    2013 Lars Hagberg Harr, 48 cm (80%)
    2012 Sean Hargraves Gädda, 69 cm
    2011 Daniel Jordan Gös, 52 cm
    2010 Sean Hargreaves Gädda, 76 cm
    2009 Lars Hagberg Abborre, 15 cm

    Ice fishing trip
    Every winter in February we go up to Smedjebacken in Dalarna for a weekend of ice fishing. After 5 years we have yet to catch one fish and only one confirmed bite to report. You have every chance of achieving legendary status by being the first club member to land a fish on the ice fishing trip. 

    2017 Jonathon Briscoe – Abborre – 15cm – Rimbo

    2015 Jonathon Briscoe – Abborre – 18cm – Smedjebacken


    Club fishing records      
    Gös Jordo 72 cm / 4.0 kg 2016
    Gädda Perezmo 5.0 kg 2015
    Regnbåge Jordo 42 cm / 950 gr 2013
    Abborre Jordo 43 cm / 1.1 kg 2017
    Harr Larry 48 cm / 800 gr 2013
    Sill Murf 28 cm 2013
    Torsk Jordo 1.9 kg 2014
    Rod snappers
    2013 Sean Hargraves No catch
      Lars Hagberg Winning catch
    2012 Lars Hagberg 50 metres from water

    How to become a member?
    By becoming a Social Member of Södermalm AFC you automatically become a member of the Södermalm Fishing Club.

    Fishing committee: Sean Hargreaves, Daniel Jordan, Lars Hagberg

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