1. Södermalm Fishing Competition Rules

    The competition starts on the 1st of October and ends on the 30th of September.

    To participate in the competition you have to be a member of Södermalm AFC at the time of landing the fish.

    Photographic evidence, clearly showing type and the length of the fish, has to be submitted to one of the committee members within 24 hours after landing the fish for a catch to be valid. Submit an account of how the fish was caught so the board can make a fair judgement of the catch.

    The board will make a decision on the quality of the catch based on species, length, weight, girth, location, fishing tool and how the fish was caught. The person with the best catch according to the Södermalm Fishing committee wins the competition.

    The length of the fish is measured from the front of the head to rear edge of the back fin.

    The length of the fish is reported in whole centimeters. When measuring the fish the length is rounded off to the nearest whole centimeter. If the first decimal is 5 then it is rounded up.

    In the case of a tie between fish of different species with the same relative length, the fish with the longest absolute length is deemed the longest.

    In the case of a tie between fish of the same species with the same relative length, the fish caught first is considered the winner.

    A member of Södermalm AFC can apply to the committee to have a new species added to the RFSC.

    Only handheld fishing tools are allowed, i.e. the use of net is disallowed.

    Only fish caught in Swedish territorial waters are accepted.