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    We are training at the JCG at Skarpnäck Sportfält on Tuesdays and Thursdays at 18.00.
    We are always looking for new players, regardless of experience so come on down to a training or contact us.

    Elitserien Premiers 2015



    • Adults: 1000 kr
    • Students/Unemployed: 500 kr
    • 18 years or younger: Free


    • Social Membership: 350 kr


    • Adult: 2000 kr

    Payments are made to bank giro 261-7017. Remember to fill in club registration form.

    Membership includes player insurance that covers training and games. Contact the club if you get injured.

    Goals 2016


    Build the game of Australian Football in Stockholm, including through

    • Increase the senior club’s player numbers
    • prioritising the development of Swedish players
    • increase junior activity, such as trainings and matches
    • Increase junior player numbers
    • helping the SAFF and the other clubs to create a competitive competition, and work towards a 12 aside competition
    • Build the skills base for all players
    • Develop a style of team play that positions the team to convert its match play to an 12 per side game
    • Participation in champions League
    • Win the Sweden Cup in 2016
    • Win the SAFF premiership in 2016
    • Include an end of season friendly match with end of season footbll trip. (Croatia)
    • Develop our junior team and increase the number of juniors playing football

    Football – player goals

    • Increase the profile of the Södermalm Australian Football Club and help the Swedish national side (The Elks) by encouraging the selection of Södermalm players in the national team
    • To help raise the national profile of Södermalm players, ensure the club is represented in the Sweden Cup and aim to win it
    • Send a competitive Södermalm team to the Champions League in Amsterdam 2016
    • Provide financial support to Södermalm players selected to play in the national team to help with their national team obligations


    • Keep developing Skarpnäck as the home ground of Södermalm
    • Maintain an active, year-round social calendar for all players and club supporters
    • Maintain the club’s solid financial base
    • Continue to develop the club’s leadership group
    • Support junior development
    • Setup long term goals for the club in general as well as in regards to football
    • Maintain the popular off season events. (Chess, Pool and bowling competitions)

    Working and playing in Sweden

    If you are thinking of coming over to work and travel in Sweden. Why not play a bit of footy and meet some great people while you are here.

    The Club maybe able to help you find work, especially for those who hold trades. All Australians 18-30 are eligible for the working holiday visa for Sweden.

    More information here!


    Team song

    Good old SÖDERMALM forever,
    we know how to play the game.
    Side by side we stick together,
    to uphold The SÖDER name.
    Hear the barrackers a shouting,
    as all barrackers should,
    Oh, the premiership’s a cakewalk
    For the good old SÖDERMALM!

    To us, feeling is more important than pitch. But if you want to hear the original, check it out here: AFL Club Song – Collingwood Magpies.

    Club images

    Södermalm AFC Logo

    Södermalm Mascot "Bluey"

    These are also available as pdfs, Club Logo (pdf) and Club Mascot (pdf).








    Download the constitution (in Swedish)

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