1. Södermalm AFC 15th Annual Bowling championship

    By Ryan Kingsley

    Södermalm AFC AGM and Bowling Night

    Saturday 4th March 2023 Södermalm AFC held it’s annual general meeting yesterday at the Old Brewer in Stockholm. A big thank you to all the members from last year and if you missed the Presidents Report we all should be congratulated on a very successful year. During the meeting, the club welcomed a new board member and had some exciting news about the new Södermalm Sports Club to play this year in the Swedish Cricket competition. All members can catch up on the minutes or check up all the news via the Official WhatsApp Group.

    The 15th Södermalm Ten Pin Bowling Trophy followed the AGM and there were a few big names out. While the reigning champion was bronzing himself naked on the beaches of WA and Mr Professional had packed up his shoes and ball 🎳 and gone home, there was no clear favourites. That all changed when The president himself bowled 212 in the warm up game before the final. The tickets fell off him pretty quickly though and while Don Key and Larry had a crack but it was Sean ‘Kungen’ Hargreaves who took control of the final to win the trophy with a score of 165. Congratulations Kungen!! and to top of his day his son Jack took home the club fishing trophy fishing trophy earlier in the day.

    Thanks for a great afternoon and for all the members who came along. It is going to be an exciting year.

    Please contact the club if you would like to join our social events or play some sport!!

    Next up is the annual social Curling event held on 24th march 17:00 at Sundbyberg curling centre let us know if you want join.

    By Ryan Kingsley 20220306

  2. Presidents report 2023

    By Jordo

    Date: 202300304 Presidents report

    In 2022 we are coming off the back of the Covid 19 pandemic. This year we held no less than 15 social events with 1 new event the Södermalm cricket awards night, couple of social cricket matches, Aussie fathers day, kids camping, Gotland 360 curling was back by popular demand and several LMS cricket matches.

    Our membership was 29. holding steady

    some of the highlights from the year was –

    1. bowling was won by condo 
    2. SAFC golf open won by briscoe and Zach tipping
    3. footy tipping – AFL – Clayton   NRL-Jordo 
    4. 9 games of LMS was played at the JCG -we came 3rd
    5. 7 members rode the Gotland 360 bike race representing Söder
    6. The SAFC handicap golf – Sam P Austin again 
    7. Pool – Daniel Fergusonl
    8. Chess – our junior in the club Elias Kingsley
    9. Jack hargreaves another junior  won the Fishing comp with his gädda

    we attracted 3 sponsors

    1. Hyundai center stockholm –
    2. Niras AB –
    3. Andrew smith

    Hopefully we can retain these sponsors.

    We have entered a cricket team into the swedish league for this coming season

    We look forward to attracting new members and also having a better attendance from all our members in 2023. so get around you mates and be sure to bring them along in 2023!