1. New social event for Södermalm members, and friends!

    By Petter Eek, 9th November 2011

    One day ski trip at Romme Alpine Saturday February the 4th, the approximate travel time between Stockholm and Romme Alpin is 2 hours and 30 minutes.

    We can get on the bus in the morning, ski the entire day and then be home early evening. (Approximate return time 1830)

    Ski Bus – Stockholm (includes Ski pass and the bus trip)

    All ski/snowboard rentals are available upon arrival.

    The bus departures from City Terminal at 07:00, and from Södertälje Torg at 0610. The Ski Bus runs every Friday, Saturday and Sunday during the winter season. On Saturdays there is also at 6.30 am.

    The bus departs for the return trip back to Stockholm right after the lifts close aprox. 16:15, so make sure you know where the bus is parked. (Take note of the bus parking bay)


    • 460 seks
      The price includes bus fare R/T and a Ski Pass for one day.
    • 275 seks
      Only bus tickets: if you have a season ski pass or don’t want to ski.
    • 275 seks
      Children up to 7 years: Free lifts pass

    Now what?

    Confirm your spot/s by Payment and payment information

    1. Pay 460 sek per person into Södermalm AFC account, bank giro 261-7017 by December 28th, write so I can make the bookings.
    2. Send an email to contact@sodermalmafc.se and write payment for Ski trip & your name/ names.

    For those who would like to, there is always the option to slip into the pub for a meal and beer upon return to Stockholm.


    3 responses to “New social event for Södermalm members, and friends!”

    1. iVan says:

      Get in there!

    2. Rappa says:

      Great news! for those who are keen for a Ski or Snowboard at Romme Alpin Saturday February the 4th. The weather is getting colder and more snow is on its way and the club will cover some of paid members cost.

      Members 400seks
      Non members 460seks

      Ski Bus – Stockholm (includes Ski pass and return bus trip)

      To confirm your spot/s make payment and write your name
      1. Pay 400sek or 460sek into Södermalm AFC account, bank giro 261-7017 by January 25th,
      2. Send a confirmation email to marcusrapp@hotmail.com and write payment for Ski trip done, and your name.

    3. Janae says:

      Plasenig you should think of something like that

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