1. Södermalm AFC Annual Ice fishing trip 2011

    By Blue Baller, 12th April 2011

    With plenty of beer and food packed! 7 brave men travelled north to the sleepy town of Smedjebacken, in the Dalarnas, to break the ice in the Clubs annual Ice fishing tournament.

    The Magnificent Seven

    The first day of Fishing was set for perfect conditions. Sunny skies, and 2 degrees warm, all was needed was some fish! We all headed down to the lake to begin our mighty adventure. There was about 20 cm of Snow on the lake and the ice measured 70 cm thick!!

    Everyone was excited to use the new Ice bore for the first time after last year’s failure. So within the first 10 minutes 7 holes had been drilled and Lines were in and beers were cracked! Excitement was in the Air!

    After 2 hours and no Bites everyone was thinking about going home, but no one was brave enough to say it though. Then, WHACK! Lars has got a monster on his 60cm Rod!! The excitement  echoed down the lake and all were at attention waiting for him to land this huge Beast! What could it be? Gädda, Öring, even a rare Dalarna fresh water Shark? Kungen was more concerned about the size of the hole! “ I hope the 15cm Diameter is big enough jordo, so Lars can land the Monster!”  No sooner had be said this and the monster Was off! Shock and disbelief was among all of us with as the silence swept down the valley.

    By the Time we had all raced over to Lars the fish was gone, as too was all hope for Lars to loose the Label “Fisk Fitta” he knew it was going to be the only chance he had!

    This excitement drew Kingsley and max nearer to where Lars was fishing. And kungen, Pewn and jordo junior had other ideas. They formed a break away! they packed up took the ice bore, beer and fishing gear and headed to the other side of the lake!

    Jordo sat in the middle and acted as a communication hub between the 2 parties. After another 2 hours and no bites the fishing was concluded! And the Snow man building begun!

    Max was declared with winner in the Scupture category and Timbi was declared the Winner in the Snow man tackling category! With a huge shoulder charge, ala Gordon Talis. Special mention to Jordo Juniors

    Soon all seven fishermen headed back to the cabin with the Fisk fitta labels on. Though, we came home empty handed again for the second year, the standard celebrations were had and the drinks and fire went on late into the night as to did the story of how big Larsä fish really was!

    Things are looking promising for next year as we now have had an official bite! Or was it……. Until next year ice fishing Adventure the fish remain a mystery…..  // Jordo

    Snowman #1

    Snowman #2

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