1. Chess, mates!

    By Blue Baller, 14th December 2013

    BY TANKA -Brissles makes it 5 in a row!!! It was a cold Winters night in Stockholm, typical for this time of the year, the snow was falling and there was definitely a buzz in the air. Anticipation was high as 10 of Söders finest jumped off the tunnelbana and headed towards Brissles lokal in the heart of Liljeholmen. The only thing missing was Murph’s championship chess board. Rumour has it that it is currently somewhere in NSW’s Blue Mountains.

    Brissles was the short priced favourite to take out his 5th chess tournament and do a hat trick on the Söder social calendar. He already had the footy tipping and pool comp under his belt and was licking his lips at the scene.

    2 groups of 5 were drawn and the games got flowing. No game had more controversy than the match up between Joel and Bull, with the latter the victor. Words were said as Joel simply forgot about the clock which made the task of defeating the Bull all the more challenging…Joel was not up to the challenge and was subsequently eliminated from the competition. He was not impressed, Bull however had a smile from ear to ear. Dylan, the Kaj, Rappa, and Lars all showed they were more than capable on the chess board, however weren’t able to progress through the Group. Tanka for the 3rd time failed to win a game and has since been relegated to doing Maccas runs for next years tournament.

    The semi finals were set, Jordo versus Ivan, & Brissles versus Bull. With Brissles tearing Bull a new a##hole (Brissles words not mine) and making it to the final without working up a sweat, the question on everyones mind was who will he face. Jordo had Ivan on the ropes but from what was seemingly an unlosable position he managed to lose…God knows how. Ivan snatching victory at the death.

    The stage was set, the 4 time champion versus Tarzan. With tunes from the Rocky movies belting out in the background and Bull doing his impersonations of Ivan Drago in training, the match was set to begin.

    Ivan started well and was not letting Brissles bully him. In fact at one stage there he looked as though he would take it, however, just like in the pool comp a few weeks earlier, when push came to shove Brissles showed his true colours and was simply too good for the boy from Uppsala.

    A big congratulations for Brissles who obviously knows his way around a chess board. The hat trick was complete. Brissles commented after the game that he wanted to go even further next year and claim the bowling as well. In the background Bull could be heard laughing…albeit sarcasticly.

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