1. Jordo HarPOONed in Söder final

    By Petter Eek, 12th November 2010

    Last night (11-11-2010) saw The Club take the field agall leaving rack’ems alone and despondent, with the green 14 ball, and most shatteringly, out of the tournament. Many on lookers were saying Rack’ems had his mind elsewhere on the night, more likely to the baby he and his wife are expecting in 3 weeks time

    The semi finals, officiated by Club Social Stalwart, Dave carde, saw 2 rematches from the group stage.

    Firstly Big Blue V’s Timbi. Earlier when they played, Big Blue won by 6 balls. This time Blue let his guard down and accidently sinking the Black early in the game, costing himself a direct exit from the semi final, So distraught he was straight off to the bar for some comfort and so it was, timbi was thru to the final.

    2nd semi saw Lars playing Jordo. Jordo winning comfortably although Lars was Claiming a 4 ball Handicap similar to what we saw in Göteborg earlier in the year at the SM, However SAFF official Dave Carde was on hand to dismiss this Outrageous Claim. Later in the Night Lars Was quoted. “I thought i had him, but the J-train was on fire, i thought i would claim the Swedish handicap, and i was sure SAFF would have ruled against Jordo. It just goes to show, maybe the times are a changin'”

    So the Final saw Jordo V Timbi. Typical State of origin final. State V’s State, Mate v’s Mate! It was some tough competition for Jordo, playing All Australian inne bandy Specialist POON.

    The crowd lined up for either the blues or for the Queenslander in Timbi Poon.

    Jordo got out to a slight lead early but, it was the finesse and gentle touch of The Queenslander, Poon, which got him back into the lead and first onto the black ball! However, given the opportunity jordo fought back into the contest in true NSW style with 14 ball and black ball sitting over the pockets it was only a simple nudge in, that was all to do to raise the shield.

    This being said, what was only to happen could only be compared to “The Great Australian Choke”, Greg Norman. Jordo jarring the 14 ball over the same corner pocket, in what seem to be an unmissable shot! Collapsing on the floor in dismay, Timbi Went over and knocked in the Black. Winning the Final and then lifting the Title High!

    Timbi Poon who was alated with the shock victory said “It was the defense that won it for me!, you know i told you we (australia) are playing against sweden in innebandy dec 2nd and all we have practice is defense the last 12 months. it is all i know and it great it works in pool as well.”

    Well done to all who participated in the event.

    Next is the Club social event is the Club Chess tournament on Dec. 3rd. The past has shown this could be a fiery late night affair, so be sure to pack you boxing gloves just in case!

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