1. 3 for 3 – marvellous effort that!

    By Blue Baller, 16th August 2020

    Friday evening Söder faced off against Djurgården CC at the JCG for the second time this season. It was clear that training had paid off, the boys came home with another win which puts them on 3 wins out of 3 games since the cricket section started.

    Experienced tosser and Captain D Jordansson made the wise decision to start batting. A slow start by Söder with Djugården’s Benedict bowling 1-0 in the first over caused some early jitters, but what followed was a pretty one-sided affair. After excellent batting from Ryan (81), Söder ended up with 186/4(20). The Djurgården batsmen were really put to the test by the Söder bowlers and they finished on 109/9(20). Sean 2-11(2) and Macca 2-8(3) both took double scalps.

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