1. 2020 Wrap up

    By Lars, 17th December 2020

    Thanks for a great season lads, with some major highlights both on and off the field!

    We made the SAFF Grand Final again but despite a solid effort the Dockers ran away with the score in the second half to claim the title. Big up yourselves Blues!

    Södermalm went undefeated through the cricket season; 2 for 2, marvellous effort that! Moreover, Jordo batted a ton, the first ever in Söder and Jordo history! Our efforts haven’t gone unnoticed and currently we’re negotiating with the league to enter a side in Last man standing next year.

    Two new Söder social clubs saw the light of day this season:

    The Cycling club has gone from strength to strength with weekly social rides and regular Sunday long distance rides covering all of the greater Sthlm. Due to global warming the season has not really ended for the die-hard cyclists, but we can already crown the tyre-change champion: Danne Jordansson! He clocked a back-tyre change in an impressive 7:55,50 minutes.
    Get on Strava and join Team Södermalm!

    The Racquet club got off the ground with the Söder Tennis championship at the Catella Arena. Inaugural winners were Andrew Becker and Larry Borg, old school, we’re talking tightly interlaced networks of strings in wooden frame.

    The social season has been slightly constricted due to the kung flu pandemic, but we managed to pull off a couple of events.
    The first ever Söder Master golf championship was played as a pairs event at the Augusta golf course. Team Law/Jordansson deservedly claimed the Blue Jackets after an even par 30 over the 9 holes.

    The Bowling championship was played as a curtain raiser to the Söder Awards night. The four top players in the qualifying round plus two lucky losers played off in the final. After all the pins were down Rappa stood victorious.

    Tanka won the Söder Footy tipping competition by a miniscule margin. The same total score as Daniel Perillo but with a 13 goal better percentage.

    First time winner of the Fishing competition was Calle, who landed a 600g/35cm abborre.

    And let’s not forget the big man turned 40 this year, and he celebrated by bleaching his hair. That’s right Bluey, you’re not older than the woman you feel.

    The club recently completed a member survey of the season events and the unanimous response was; more of everything! The board appreciates the feedback and will act accordingly.

    Last but not least, the club has landed a new sponsor! It’s the half man, half machine, half glass, legend Perezmo together with his old man and Haninge Terazzogolv AB who will be supporting Södermalm. We are very grateful to see the screaming eagle return as a benefactor.

    So what’s up next?

    Well, this Sunday at 11.00 Kingsley is organizing ice swimming at Playa del Tanto. Guaranteed to wake you up in these dark times. What doesn’t kill you hey.

    The Söder AGM and Boule competition (pandemic permitting) is planned for January 17th so lock it in.

    We’ll keep you updated.

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