1. Morning Ride with Team Söder around Ekerö

    By Blue Baller, 1st July 2020

    This beautiful island provides stunning scenery and quiet roads that allowed the boys to hone their skills with slip streaming and just generally build up stamina. Those skills and stamina will be required as the relatively novice group aims to achieve the true ton: 100 miles or for you Swedes, 161 km. However, this training ride was more modest, yet one we are still proud of since we completed over a 100km.

    During those miles we were lucky enough to find Daniel a new bike, to coordinate with his kit design. We wished him luck keeping up!

    Beyond that, the group raised their average speed up to a respectable 25km per hour, but we still in general struggled to keep up with Kristoffer when he chose to put the power down. Thankfully we all knew that the Ekerö golf course would provide a nice cup of coffee to reward our efforts. Having said that, by the end of the day, I still stepped off my bike like John Wayne.

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