1. Pool Night

    By Grave Danger, 12th February 2019

    So 2018 came and went and the Södermalm Blues event planning committee were behind in their events… So our pool night was on January 25, 2019. A cold evening but Nick, a member of the committee, was feeling the heat as it was his first planned event for the club. So he made sure it started off right with a few beers at the local watering hole, The Roo and Elk

    A few Little Creatures where drank with maybe the one off of Bundaberg Ginger Beers (it was a cold evening). 

    So as more and more of the participants came in even more messages came saying that they would be 10 mins late (no finger pointing). Once enough of us had shown up we made or way to the pool hall that Nick had conveniently chose because one it was close to the Roo and two it was even closer to his apartment. [maybe some foreshadowing] But his planning was on point, the rules where outlined in detail. Some of them being new even to myself. 


    Once we made it to the pool hall in Swedish fashion, booking of tables on a Friday night was a no go. We had to wait for a table to be available and win the lottery to see if we would get another close by, which we did. Nick I think at this point was relieved. He had printed out 4 copies of the tournament brackets because he knew that one or two would be fubar by the end of the night and they were. Thanks, Nick!

    So the games were starting up and brackets were getting smaller. As the games were being played people started ordering food and once one person ordered falukorv stroganoff it seemed like everyone ordered it. 

    So after fueling up on some Swedish delicacies the games continued and the time for playing it safe was over. Trick shots started some more successful than others.  


    Nearing the end of the tournament there were fewer players and more hecklers. Nerves were high and there was at least one person who sank the eight ball prematurely.


    Backstreetboy match – Matt B vs Matt C


    Those extra bracket prints came in handy. After all the games where played the final game was about to begin. (Matt B vs Worldwar Tom Z)

    And the person who came out on top was Matt B. 

    After the final game was played shots were had and a mandatory photo was taken. 

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