1. Club fishing Season begins…

    By Grave Danger, 9th May 2019

    And so the season has began with a bang! And we are not talking about the huge win by Södermalm over Solna!
    However, we would like to draw to your attention that the Söder fishing competition 2019 is open!!

    Last year unfortunately it was forgotten like most things! so get a load of these photos to open the the season from some of our members!!
    The annual fishing competition has been running for 10 years and every club member is Eligible to register their catch!!
    Simply send a photo of your catch to the club or Jordo or Lars to register your catch! Also required is the length weight and species! You must be a member or become a member.
    All the best and keep those photos rolling in!!
    See you all Saturday at the J for our next match!
    Bluey Svensson

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