1. Close but no cigar – Round 5

    By Doolz, 5th July 2017

    In fair weather Södermalm made their way north with a depleted platoon (due to a variety of social inconveniences such as people having the audacity to get married) to face an army of savages called the Solna Axemen. Though at the thinner end of the wedge the team did welcome a debut from tall timber Grant “Buckets” Linke and a cameo from 2015 premiership winner and BOG Jason ‘Jase’ Neindorf.

    Under sun and blue skies the game got underway starting out with good contested possession in the middle, however the run and gun from the Axemen’s midfield soon kicked into gear and the Söder backline/Axemen forwards became mere spectators as the bombs started whistling over their heads. After a word with themselves and a bit of soul searching the Blue Baggers midfield rose from its slumber and started to whir into action. Daniel ‘Wolfman’ Wilson started claiming his fair share of hit outs to advantage and Gaelan ‘Dools’ Doolan combined well with Michael ‘hit the post’ Larsson to drive the boys forward where they found the willing Neindorf waiting gleefully.

    As the first quarter came to a close Marcus ‘Napoleon’ Rappocchio rallied his troops and set out his strategy for clawing his way back into this one. For the next two quarters the boys in blue fought tooth and nail with their gold and black opponents matching them goal for goal and eventually surpassing them, despite this writers problems adjusting to the recently announced deliberate out of bounds calls which resulted in two goals against, to win both the second and the third quarters.

    After some reapplication of sun screen and a rousing spray from the aforementioned little general the boys took to the field for the final quarter. Solna re-configured their forward line and midfield again. Notably introducing what can only be described as a rabid version of the normally placid Oscar Magnusson who could be heard screaming ‘give me ball!’ ‘feed me ball, Oscar smash!’ or something to that effect. Despite good fight from Söder it wasn’t to be as they eventually ran out of legs and were overrun by the fitness of the Solna mids.

    Onwards and upwards to the last game before summer against the King from North of the Wall and his merry band!

    Special match report from:
    Mythical Beast

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