1. Leapin’ Larry Wins Let’s Dance 2015!

    By Blue Baller, 26th April 2015

    Congratulations to our very own Larry who together with Cici, won Let’s Dance Sweden 2015!! Unless you have spent the last few days under a rock, you would have surely seen the celebrations through the streets of Stockholm and in fact all around Sweden.

    Larry’s trademark leap (pictured below) helped win him a place in the final on Friday night, and with a twinkle in his eye, he dazzled the judges and more importantly, all the TV viewers at home to take out the coveted Red Glass Shoe Trophy! (left)

    Equally as impressive was the fact that he showed up for Söder on Saturday and played a great game of footy in our victory over Malmö! All spectators at the match agreed that his ‘quick step’ routine in the backline had the Malmö players bamboozled!

    Congratulations Larry and let’s hope Söder can add some more silverware from the footy field to your collection later this year!

    3 Responses to “Leapin’ Larry Wins Let’s Dance 2015!”

    1. Lovin' Larry says:

      Some may be surprised by the success of Larry’s foray into the dance world but that would be to grossly underestimate the man’s talents. This just confirms what we’ve all known for a long time – Larry is one of the all round most talented people, not just in Sodermalm but in all of Sweden. After winning Let’s Dance and leading Soder to victory over Malmo, he probably went and ran a marathon afterwards.

    2. Jordo says:

      I couldn’t have Said it better myself “lovin’ Larry” ! The Guy is champion and always Will be a legend. The only one who could have possibly beaten Larry that night would have been Bluey Svensson, and mear fact that Bluey, being handikappad With only 4 fingers on each hand, would have found it difficult to do so to say the least.

    3. murf says:

      Red Glass Shoe?!?! Im not so sure about that. The reason he danced his heart out and won that competition, is because its a red rubber dildo. Which Leapin Larry has secretly told me this red dildo completes his ‘rainbow collection’

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