1. Södermalm AGM and bowling kick off 2012

    By Ivan, 23rd February 2012

    Meanwhile, at the club AGM, a new board was voted in and the old one was duly appreciated for it’s efforts during the previous year. The new board consist of Lars Hagberg, President, Andrée Hansing Årman, Vice President, Marcus Rappocio, secretary, and ex-Prez Ivan Rexed was elected Treasurer after successfully campaigning with the catchy slogan “it’s the economy, stupid!

    More exciting is the fact that the club had the opportunity to welcome three new players, Kaj “Kajan” Karlsson, Jamie “the jailbird” Owen with brother Nick-O, who was  curiously seated between the two Steve-O’s, once again bound for Oz. We expect great thing of the newcomers!

    Big Dave Farrow joined for bowling, but althought the top scorer with 169, the results didn’t stand tall compared to last year’s club record of 245 points by the Bull. The 10-pin bowler prize was a club tie. Take a minute to check out this animation from the photos of bowling night.

    Oh, yes, it\’s bowling alright!

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    1. Ivan says:

      Complete results
      Big Dave 169
      Bone crusher 144
      The Johan 134
      Murph 127
      Coach Paul 123
      Tanka 125
      Mick 121
      Lars 119
      Petter 115
      Ivan 114
      Bull 106
      Max 93
      Bone Crusher Bro 85

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